the first rays of spring
bring you back,
freckled like Latte Macchiato
wet paint on your shirt.. nose..

brush in hand, dreaming
your bike summer green, dotted
with butterflies and your
smile tastes of
Ben & Jerry’s

i sit on the edge of a tear,
wrinkle my nose, twinkle
dust from the sunshine
and hum, prepared for

……new colors

(just a sentimental moment when i saw my daughter Miriam’s bike in the garage the other day…and she’ll be back from bolivia in june…)


11 responses to “Miri

  1. >Hi! Claudia…I sense your anticipation in your every word…What a lovely, poem (and photograph) as you express to your readers, your inner thoughts and reflection… …While waiting for your daughter to return home from her trip.Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D