sunshine flash

we share such things as salad, meat balls and
chick-yellow scrambled eggs, sitting in
the spring on wooden benches, inhaling

life smoldering fat as Cuban cigars,
roll it in our mouthes like russian Rs and
swallow greedily, moistened by german

beer and the rough music madness of a
Porsche nine eleven. I pick up the
vibrations, tame ’em with my tongue and let
them shake us to the brink of sunshine flash

this was last sunday in the black forest…family lunch and on the pic in the front is hubby with nephew..smiles


10 responses to “sunshine flash

  1. >sounds like a lovely time claudia…savoring it like that beer or cigar…can i take a spin in the metaphorical 911? smiles. thanks for dropping this one, just for the smiles.nice to meet hubby too.

  2. >Oh my dear lady… this is really sweet and loving… and only YOU can capture these warm moments this way.enjoy your sunny day!:)

  3. >lovely Photo , your hubby is very Handsome 🙂 and you the perfect photographer :).Kid in the picture is so cute with so much innocence over his face.Seems you have a great outing.Here its boiling ..thought of going out make us lazy mercury at 40 degree .. :(. take careand enjoy weekend

  4. >the rough music madness of aPorsche nine elevenooh i love this… you captured this sunshine flash. what a lovely moment, dear claudia. happiest of easters, friend. xo