spring invasion/in berne/berne fusion

i walk this bridge, splish smaragd waters
flow beneath,
a heavy current, sun

melting on skin
we meet in gothic heat,
smooth crumbling sandstone,

blurred reflections swimming green
and quiver soft as wind blown ripples
‘cross your opaque face and

did you know time is relative,
fleeting, tick-ing astronomical
when bears & fools
keep dancing through the night.

i never really touched this magic place,
so full of everything that lives in caves and towers,
restless, ground-lost worlds,

and when the bridge breaks down
i haven’t learned to swim but
you are divin’ up,
wading deep as rivers in me,

see the trees
spellin’ your name
with bloom-thick tongues,

you smell of forests and i’m sure you know,
no need to rescue me, today i Am.

i was in Berne on business last week and was once more fascinated by the deep green water of the river Aare which flows around this beautiful 12th century town. the green color comes from the minerals of the glacier water which flows into the Aare.

..and yeah – it’s poetry time – One Shot Wednesday again…a bustling and alive group of poets throw their best poems into the One Stop Pool and have fun together..you should join us..sign up opens at 5 pm EST


40 responses to “spring invasion/in berne/berne fusion

  1. >Hi! Claudia…Once again your words "flow" like the river that you described in your beautiful poem.[Postscript:These words in your poem caught my attention immediately…"i walk this bridge, splish smaragd watersflow beneath, a heavy current, sun…" What a peaceful photograph too!]Thank-you, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  2. >You've captured not just externals, but the internals that they set off, with vivid pictures and just as vivid reflections mentally as the sun on the river, the shadows passing over an opaque face. I esp. liked the fifth stanza and the very last two, with the trees spelling with bloom-thick tongues. Thank you for taking me with you to this city I will never see any other way.

  3. >A river is healing in many ways–but your poetry even more. Every time I visit here I feel lifted to another level of existence…I should STAY here–grin!I my country US, we go "ga-ga" over a 300-year old piece of metallic stone (used to kill buffalo). In other countries you peeps have buildings which are 1,000 or more years old, i.e., castles, cathedrals, which to admire and make one "sit and think"!Beautiful, Claudia. Thank you.

  4. >Rivers, waves in the sea… all great gifts of Mother Nature to help feel that inner peace we somewhere have and endures…

  5. >Draws one in deep enough they can nearly taste it…a delicious image you've crafted for us here, Claudia. Carries one away to a gentle place…real in your case, and a delightful creation of the imagination for the rest of us.

  6. >Never met a bear I wasn't enchanted to dance all night with. :)I believe I was in Berne. You all got one BEAUTIFUL part of the world there! Your architecture, flowers, hills and dales.xoxo

  7. >"splish smaragd waters", "we meet in gothic heat", "bears &fools/ keep dancing through the night", "bloom-thick tongues", "you smell of forests": this is a poem of the senses and for all their competitive hold, you can still say "today i am".

  8. >wonderful to read on a early morning when sleep stopped to early…your words had a comforting flow, taking me down to the river…"splish smaraged water" is a favorite…I am, indeed, excellent close ~

  9. >Very nice poem , the flow is amazing ..I went back into the memory lane while reading ..of my native place where there is a temple river side and there is bridge kind of swaying to and fro its now been modified but ..those memories are precious.Take carekeep smiling.

  10. >Amazing to me–none of my friends in Naples (Florida) become interested in the blogs. Maybe that's a GOOD thing!BUT–I have been talking about your "Berne" post, and it surprises me how many Peeps have been there! Must be popular as tourist place also.BTW…Claudia, I have a problem wearing my baseball cap, it is too small for my head. Especially since you and a few others have been telling me how much you like my little pieces of rhyme. However, compliments like yours–coming from YOU–a wort-meister–well, I have to guard from being proud as a rooster in a hen-house. So I thank you again, dear Claudia. PEACE!

  11. >You brought back memories for me, truly. I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Berne once. There's no place like it. The tick-tock dancing bears, gothic towers, and of course your description of the Aare – brought it all back.

  12. >I love the way this feels in my mouth…strange. I can taste the water and smell the blooms. You took me to a beautiful placeThank you 🙂

  13. >wading deep as rivers in me, see the trees spellin' your name with bloom-thick tongues, as always, your word pictures are painted with the most vivid colors. beautifully expressed claudia…i can stand on the bridge, see the water, hear the leaves of the trees, feel the breeze…wonderful

  14. >nice piece – but today I am… what? Ellipsis, or simply, "today, i am"? (Maybe a period at the end would make it clearer and more emphatic? Loves ya CloudyLuke