don’t even think about it..

don’t even think about it
’til the words pile up and
you can’t stop them any more

unless you’d kill ’em,
every single one with the point of your pen,

unless you would drown or die
if you’d refuse to let ’em come and
come like lovers in tight nights – but

you got stuck, the escalator
is not moving, blank steel laughs
into the poet’s face &

in your eyes – still warm,
the remnants of last night.

out in the kitchen, oldies on the radio,
no bridge to
never ending metro lines and
faceless crowds with long expired tickets –

you smile and i think of Bukowski’s words &
take another sip of coffee – black –
the stairway starts to move and somehow –
i feel drunk

This is my entry for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over at One Stop Poetry. The photo was shot by photographer and poet James Rainsford.


30 responses to “don’t even think about it..

  1. >bit of a background… bukowski wrote a poem where he said that we should not start to write until the words pile up…i saw the pic this morning and liked it immediately but there were no words…and i decided not to write..during breakfast the words started to pile up…not in the way i expected but well…hope you enjoy

  2. >Interesting background .. there is a sense of dark things building, like a storm, pressures rising (or descending, so the escalator's neutral sense of going both ways is perfect), the sense of letting it all go in top- and bottomost ways, if only the friggin' machine would get out of frozen gear .. Which the poem finds a "start" button for … Now hell (or heaven, or both) is breaking loose. Thanks- Brendan

  3. >if i "try" to write, it's always crap. the words have to pile up and fall out of my head. i really like your take on the photograph. "flashdance" made me smile.dani

  4. >I like when you are "drinkin' poetry." I always get a sense of catharsis involved in your work among arrays of imagery. Interesting thought process in the progression of stanzas, beginning with a line that strikes me as "reverse psychology" in stating not to think about something.

  5. >thanks for the background note. "killing words with the point of the pen" brilliant. I like the idea of piling up words…it seams lately that that is all I have time for. So busy with life the words rumble in my belly. Hopefully I will heave em up soon. You describe so vividly once again. thanks for sharing

  6. >Claudia, I LOVE BUKOWSKI! If you get the chance, watch the documentary on him. Fantastic. I think any who write at all can relate to your words. I for one, tend to be silent with a piece, until as you reference Bukowski, "the words pile up." Then I release. Sometimes it's an entire day, sometimes a week or two, and sometimes, it's 15 minutes. Great take on the photo prompt and relating to your fellow poets.Thanks for sharing.-Pounds

  7. >I've only delved into Bukowski's writing recently, read the post office, and it was an experience! I can see what you mean about letting the words pile up, not a healthy way to write IMHO but some times oh so effective 😉

  8. >The words are so funny about piling up, as you talk about Claudia–you think you have nothing and yet when your fingers hit the keyboard they take off seemingly on their own. I'm lovin the flow and immediacy in this one, and the flash of those swallowed and reappearing escalator steps, always on a roll.

  9. >Those first two lines are an especially effective opener to your poem. And using the escalator as metaphor is as well. As some on our Metro have experienced recently, sometimes the escalator just stops out of the blue and the jam-up ends in an unexpected tumble. Nice write!

  10. >bukowski is onto something..I feel that way too. When I force a write, it is very painful and a waste of time because it more often than not ends up being terrible.this, however, is wonderful – a poetic scene from your point of view – felt as those I was there…:)

  11. >caught up deep in thought ~ jerked almost dizzy as the stairway moved ~ gulps black coffee to steady the swerve ~ lots and lots tumbling ~ disconcerting ~ thrown off balance ~ excellent rapid moment to moment ~ brilliant ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  12. >Excellent take on the post. I agree with you, the others, Bukowski..I have to have the words stored to begin to push them into a poem; or I have to subconsciously let a wave of them build and then flow as you did today. As always the music flows in and through your words. Gay

  13. >Something did happen to your comment on my Shadorma. I got the one about it being "eaten by Blogger" but not whatever was "eaten". No need to post this, just wanted you to know.

  14. >Hi! Claudia…Writer-block…Hmmm…I'am so glad that your words are starting to "pile-up" again!After reading your poem it's so obvious that your words are starting to "pile" up again!What a very nice post…Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D