longing for light

we have short days
and endless nights,

daylight rationed, tiny sips
of sun-strung power chords,
played madly on my heart

when darkness swallows

brittle bones
and turns my drunkenness to
hip-deep desperation. yes,

i am intoxicated by the sun’s
soft glow and there are
acres full of light-soaked sheets,

crazy sweetness
under spicy sails,

my tongue screams fire,

sun-flamed on swiss lakes,
i long for longer days ‘cos
nightly magic crumbles fast,
there is no spell to moons, wrapped

in pale light, i drift
and you can’t hold me


12 responses to “longing for light

  1. >Claudia, I hear you! where are those glorious days of light and sunshine? yes, as much as the moon tries it cannot stand up to the brilliance of the sun!beautifully written piece!

  2. >I too long for long days, especially with such a long misery filled winter, we had… Thanks for the best wishes, the edge to write is so addictive I am biting my fingers to stay away from my blog and reading the wonderful poems out there

  3. >"daylight rationed, tiny sipsof sun-strung power chords,played madly on my heart" "…in pale light, I driftand you can't hold me"Love it! Absolutely

  4. >"daylight rationed, tiny sipsof sun-strung power chords,played madly on my heart""sun-flamed on swiss lakes""i driftand you can't hold me"Wow. Claudia, this is an amazing piece. I long for light too. It's coming round.