don’t move so fast

i wonder if you can,
if you stand in the rain,
if you stop to move,
just allow

drippy drops
licking your ear
’til you hear
water’s whispering

want, can you tell
the shape
of what flows
cool & damp
on your skin, feel ’em
sing of spring, notice
what key they’re in, taste

thursday rain pear-sweet
on summer-soft tongues

knowing you know,
by the sparks in your eyes,
water-wet trees breathing sighs,
bent low, pressing their lips
into squishy earth,
quietly rooted

with stillness-wrapped wings watching
wantonly seeds give birth

…just a quiet spring moment…


13 responses to “don’t move so fast

  1. >A more beautiful moment I could not begin to imagine, Claudia. During this moment. My face is wet, but the cause this time is the nurturing, life-giving cry of the sky. Thank you…..

  2. >Hi! Claudia…Once again, your words flow…I can just imagine being outside on a rainy days like you so eloquently, described in your poetry today.[By the way, I just discovered this is "Poem in your Pocket Day"early this morning and I have been placing poems in my pocket.]Therefore, I plan to print your poem out and place it in my pocket too!Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  3. >I'm surfing my friends' blogs today. Glad I'm here to visit you and read your happy words of Spring.I'll resume blogging as soon as I can. Take care.

  4. >Wow! What awesome description! You are very talented. Last week you stopped by my blog and left a comment. Since then I had to upgrade and lost everything. Could you please stop by again and leave another comment? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. >"…just a quiet spring moment…"i love the feeling of rain on my skin… the smell of the air right before it rains… the sound of raindrops on the roof at night.i love your words, Claudia. i was totally absorbed in feeling, hearing, tasting, seeing the rain and all you described. amazing imagery!

  6. >Spring is always whispering life, here in your words, dripping into ears like warm rain and sprouting seeds. Glad you listened and in doing so, made us all.

  7. >with stillness-wrapped wings watchingwantonly seeds give birthyum.spring is come.okay — maybe not here in snowy southern Alberta…. but it's there, under the snow, waiting, quietly rooted!Hugs