>thirsty for life

>bowing low

next to B3, the road
which runs 
from south to north, north to south
without ever breathing 
or sighing or loving those who travel it. 
he, grey hair, back bent in sorrow,
flowers in hand, small cross
morning, mourning
rips my heart raw, bloody
as we pass, blowing
fourteen meters swaying wind into his face, 
then leaving him alone again,
touching concrete grief for seconds, wish
i knew the story
wish i could – hold him close,
laying down
blossoms of sadness, of hope
for the people i’ve lost on my way
to speed, to carelessness & lovelessness,
toss the driver from his seat, take
the steering wheel & turn on the wipers, erase the tears,
tears welling up like mean dwarves
and i long
for petals raining down,
for a cross to bow before and
an arm, wrapped ’round my heart,
telling it there’s a new road,
another north to south, an
east to west and a hope
to find what gets lost
so easy at the side
of madness-covered routes
and i’m breathing, breathing tears and their taste, 
salt on my lips
makes me thirsty for life

linking up with One Shot Wednesday – and i’m still on the road, still traveling – but will try to comment back by the end of the week…


41 responses to “>thirsty for life

  1. >I can taste it, life, the thirst that ever stirs….so close, so far….a lovely yearning, Claudia, a delightful embrace of the world. And I particularly enjoy this stanza: "toss the driver from his seat, takethe steering wheel & turn on the wipers, erase the tears,tears welling up like mean dwarves" for the image it brings. Such a collage there. Like mean dwarves…Hope your travels are treating you well, Claudia! I know the road can wear a person down…but business or no, I hope some of the sights will inspire and invigorate you!

  2. >tears in my heart clouded my eyes as i read this emotional piece, Claudia.I felt it every word, even the unspoken ones.take care, be well!thank you for sharing

  3. >i felt the loneliness of a journey where we have too long to reflect and start watching the lives of others as we pass by…hope all is well cheers pete

  4. >'touching concrete grief for seconds' – it's true, grief can be palpable. Such a sad piece Claudia but with a little lift of hope at the end.Carys

  5. >"telling it there's a new road,another north to south, aneast to west and a hopeto find what gets lost"love this Claudia!!!

  6. >Wow Claudia, so many crosses on the side of the road..so much time lost to tears and all of it seemingly so meaningless…far to many crosses on the side of roads..throughout the world…bkm

  7. >I love the feeling in this. The compassion is intense and it grows more and more. The flow is so good. I could identify with the person who is seeing this and wanting the story. This is just fabulous work – One of the best I have seen in the community this year.

  8. >Passion and com-passion. A heart for those whom you pass. Yours is a north-south heart which stops along the side of those hurting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. >"wishi knew the storywish i could – hold him close,laying downblossoms of sadness, of hopefor the people i've lost on my way"i know this feeling…

  10. >So many sad songs today. Why should springtime bring the edge of woe; but nobody does the blues any better than you or puts her sensitivities to fore any better than you do Claudia. Even in this piece your music floats out on a minor key. Beautiful.

  11. >This makes a chapel of all those roadside memorials to the car-crashed dead I see here in Florida which fade to dust so fast. Thanks for holding the image like a crucifix close to your heart. – Brendan

  12. >This is intense Claudia!Very well expressed..Tears are often what is left after a long episode.. That space is always what remains!Tears fill those up and yet are never filled enough..Hugs xoxox

  13. >OHHHH BABY! This one is wonderfully, powerfully written, yet displays the weakness, the frustrations we all feel when we encounter one–or a dozen–with whom we wish to know, to touch, to heal or be healed.Did I say I love this piece?–grin!PEACE!

  14. >So many crosses, indeed. Here they are ubiquitous, but we rarely see the human hearts affected. Thanks for feeling their pain, our pain. Beautifully done, and the rhythm of the road is palpable in lines.

  15. >Powerful and real, Claudia. if only we could give the comfort and take it as well…sometimes it seems to hide from us, the way to do that.

  16. >Who could liveAnd miss the occasionalLandscapes of sorrow?Are the walls of homesThick enoughTo insulate us fromOur crashing mortality?Are our necks longEnoughTo hide in the grittySandOf denial?And when, perchance,we stumble over the graphicTruthUnbidden and unprepared,There it is,The clutching tremorsOf our compassion.OneLove–Tiger