>frankfurt airport hotel lobby

>brown leather and the sound of trolleys
on the stone floor
where you come from and where
you go – it doesn’t matter – really, you’re
a name in an endless stream with a
fitting number,
hitting the keys, observing

the blonde with the heels, the long
haired guy, they’re in love – he touches
her in places – right and thinks that
no one sees, i do, but i’m invisible behind a
screen, belonging to another world,
another life, time-less, i’m bored,
prepared, i’m sherlock holmes,

the guy from the reception smiles. is
everything – ok – of course, there’s music
from afar, my feet tap “hotel
california” heaven, hell and all that’s
in between, the guitar makes me sigh ‘cos
there’s always a flight to be on and
always a flight to miss, yeah
he looks – american – he is, checks
in and out and disappears like he has never
lived and my notebook is warm
on my thighs

yeah – i’m on  a business trip and probably need some time for the commenting back…see you..


11 responses to “>frankfurt airport hotel lobby

  1. >so just what was this couple doing in the middle of the airport…wow…bold…or maybe my mind is in the gutter…or i just need to fly more…nice capture of the zoo of an airport waiting area…

  2. >felt like I was right there with you. sounds like a beginning to an interesting story. I'll be waiting to read more if you care to continue?take care!

  3. >About a year ago, I was trapped in the Vegas airport on standby after missing my flight home for almost 3 days. The overwhelming onslaught of humanity coming and going almost drove me mad. nice poem claudia

  4. >…ja, die stimmung hast du perfekt eingefangen, Claudia…dieses internationale fluidum in versen…das gefällt mir, danke!

  5. >to me observing people ..their little unseen gestures the language of unspoken things holds the greatest fascination…beautifully put together claudia…