>’cos ya make me

>at times i
just fall, out
of the blue
and drop –
into you,
there’s danger
to drown, to forget

what’s around
and beyond
sunken seas,
funky bliss
drags me deep
until i

can’t breathe,
until i scream softly,
you glow,
flow perilously low
with lips, spelling
peace, sucking
stormy relief
‘til i sigh, ’til i cry,

get lost in the ponds
of your eyes, drizzling
aqua and white,
watermark life,
gambling high,
trading oxygen for
an ace – lucky streak

& storming cleft peaks,
thousand miles
from the shore,
we’ve outrun
the sun,
diving deeper i
hum in
your froth
(‘cos – ya make me)


13 responses to “>’cos ya make me

  1. >"'cos ya make me"i love giving over completely to the magnetism of a lover. your poetry carried me right along from beginning to end as though in the vortex of submission… resistance… desire… yum!