>Tubular Bells


there was no music in the air,
not really,
just the sound of a sound
which made me mad 
‘cos i hoped i would find
not sure what but
kept scanning tunes and 
endless minutes nothing 
but highway, agression
and the sense of a drug i didn’t take
and don’t understand, dazing 
emissions fog, 
mingle with sun
and the smell makes me vomit
spring-bound winds 
sneakin’ onto my shoulders,
crawl up my arms and i
need it louder,
force gears, heat up, windows down
and stuck in the middle, 
clueless moves – from and to  
i don’t know and don’t care
when he spells – music, questions
with mellow voice, 
words and more words and
that’s where it starts, 
there it is,
magic, it plays, it is me – again
on the map, out on the street, 
close to the sound and
it made sense again

ok – this was me in the car last week when i drove back home from work, listening to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells – and yes – i was in a strange mood..

linking up with One Shot Wednesday – and – woo-hoo –  yesterday in NYC we won the Shorty Award in Art.. thanks to all of you for your votes, your support and for being around and making One Stop Poetry what it is!


32 responses to “>Tubular Bells

  1. >I love TUBULAR BELLs. Trying to think when I last saw that vinyl album. I think one of my kids may have made off with it. I like the images and the way you put this together. So strong and vibrant and vibrating. You always amaze, dearest Claudia. This is superb.

  2. >You've definitely given this that genuine frazzled feel, and the sense of a surreal clanging in the head accompanying a hectic crammed, place full of fumes–sometimes, depending on where you are, odd moods are the perfectly natural result. And congratz again on the award–well-deserved!

  3. >Claudia, I felt, as if, I were in the car with you. Wonderful descriptions there. Tubular Bells is a haunting piece of music.Congrats on the award!Pamela

  4. >woohoo! my friend, just walked in the door…congrats! it was so frickin awesome…next year…you will be there with us….cause we going back! smiles.a lovely piece c…after driving for 9 hours…i feel every word of this…lol

  5. >It's hypnoticspring-bound winds sneakin' onto my shoulders,crawl up my arms and ineed it louder,….I know this has happened to me Claudia….different song…same moodAs spring approaches here, I do hope to feel this again.Congrats on OneStop Shorty Awards!

  6. >Sadly, I am old enough to remember the tune when it was in regular rotation on the radio. Nicely visual and impressionistic piece of work.

  7. >You could have titled this "Rush Hour" – I've spent many a rush hour just like that.Congratulations on the Shorty, Claudia. Thank you for your contribution to giving us this wonderful forum.

  8. >Congrats on the award Claudia. You guys should all be so proud for the recognition of all the hard work that you do. Woohoo! Cheers to you!

  9. >But the effect is just wonderful! It does make sense indeed.. I loved reading it for its imagery Claudia..I have been wondering if you are the one associated with OSP since yesterday night (India).. your posting the award here made me understand..Congratulations n loads n loads of celebrations! Ver well done My Dear.. :DHugs xx

  10. >strange mood or not, I come here for a musical event, and you never disappoint. I can feel the music, hear it, in your poetry.Lady Nyo..makes me wiggle and pop.

  11. >"Tubular Bells" was such a strange hit for the times, rich with the synth that would roll over rock n roll like a tsunami. (I think of contemporaries to the song like "Dark Side of the Moon," "Court of the Crimson King," "Watcher of the Skies," and "Frankenstein') A strange new wild drone or grace-note which affected and afflicted rock culture with something near yet far: Nice morph of that sound into its personification in a lover. Irresistible yet alien. – Brendan

  12. >Claudia, This poem was fantastic! The idea that music is not a single sound, there are alot of those around. Rather it is a string of sounds and it is up to the individual if they see it as music. Great piece and meaning. Thank you for sharing.

  13. >I remember those days in the car, stuck in traffic, and then that great piece of music that made it all seem better. Claudia, congratulations on an award so well deserved!!!

  14. >Ok what were you on, this poem is simple yet it is by far one of the best poems I have read, I really do enjoy descriptive poems, it gives one a story to follow…

  15. >Congrats on the Award! Rockin'! And yes good poem. I remember seeing this one on the board. Great one shot!Warmest Salad CloudyLuke x