>Made of spectral white – a Rondel

>when rainbow hazes wrap us in
soft tissues, made of spectral white,
my sense turns liquid, drinkin’ night’s
moist breath, i feel exposed and thin,

take cautious steps towards the rim
and balance on diffusing light
when rainbow hazes wrap us in
soft tissues, made of spectral white

so soar upon cleft edges, spin
and glide, do love me mad and fight
this slipping groove, we reach the height
just as our shapes fade pale and slim
when rainbow hazes wrap us in.

today we’re having part II of our Rondel teaching over at One Stop Poetry. have a look, write a Rondel and join us!
Rondel structure:

22 responses to “>Made of spectral white – a Rondel

  1. >you paint a beautiful picture my friend…so if we return next year, you are going to be here right? met dustus last night…so cool…finding the moon today…smiles. nice job on the form….

  2. >Masterful, effortless, your creative use of punctuation make it feel free form rather than set and the form is like a jazz riff taking us through a spectrum of love. I so love your poetry Claudia. Thank you! Gay

  3. >Excellent–you have the perfect cadence, making the words tumble out in a relationship that feeds both form and the pleasure of the mind in words, sense and rhythm. One of your best, in every way, Claudia.

  4. >Hi ,Thanks for letting me know , I have enabled the comment section now , yesterday I was tweaking over my blog and comment section got disabled ;).ThanksTake care.

  5. >so light, yet steeped in a set rhythm ..as a reader, I was amazed by its visual beauty, as a student of the form, I was amazed at what can be done ~thank you

  6. >Beautiful – – and I discovered why my Rondel poem is marred. I was following an incorrect model. LOL.LOVE that and am so appreciative of your edits to help me make it "right"…

  7. >Can't expect anything less than perfect structure here – and you pull it off well. What is intriguing is imagining what your words describe – the swirl of wine in a glass that refracts the light, the edge of a skater whirling on ice – and maybe all of these things, well-poised and colourfully rich.

  8. >Lovely poem. I was initially wondering what it was all about. But then I read it again keeping in mind a glass of white wine and everything fell in place and the beauty of your work was unravelled. Also thanks for the feedback on my work.