>all the way down

>it’s not about spanish tunes, lost 

on the floor, hidden in loops on the carpet,
bouncing back from deaf, tired walls like
boozed soldiers when the battle is won.

it’s about fighting, losing and feeling
black lashes brush soft on pale skin and
letting you kiss me all the way down to the
ground, the earth, the real where it started,
where i get quiet, where i feel your strength

burn my night until i can smell again, until
it tastes right, until it was not, it was never 
anything else but you & me on the floor

in the silence, the dark and getting lost on
your lips with what you call love – and it is.

14 responses to “>all the way down

  1. >Claudia,The insistence of this!This is what coherent writing means!Phrases: 'the real where it started', 'until I can smell again' — a few among many that hold true.Great job!Trulyfool

  2. >Who can read this and not BE on the floor, had better read it again."…with what you call love and–it is." Like 'challenge' and 'surrender'This is just SO GOOD, Claudia. Ummmm!PEACE! To us all…