you’re counting in,
bright colors
flood in streams, run
through your hands,
brush licks

across my face,
you’re on – a beat
there’s no escape,
diving the caves,
filled with the mercy
of your waves,
played hard

and drag me on
vast space, knees
givin’ in, unregulated shake,
riding your lust,
forget the past, suck with
covetous lips,
there is

no handrail
on this bridge
you’ve choked my depths,
awash with tears,
sense fingers
moving fast,

riffs blast,
scorching the night
just scaffolds left,
all flashpoints

give in
to groove-strings,
with yearning,
to pacing drums and
brittle winds,
my clothes
already burning.


it’s OneShotWednesday again and i’m happy to host this week’s poetry party. come, write a poem and join this bunch of amazingly talented people over at One Stop. Sign up opens at 5 pm EST


47 responses to “>burn

  1. >Claudia,This rates high among your offerings! Metaphor extends and holds, the guitar's woman-shape the shape of the experience told.Good going!Trulyfool

  2. >Music certainly a lustful experience…taking the mind a soul to dimensions untold and to hold it in measure and time…is beyond joy….wonderful Claudia…bkm

  3. >Mmm, feel it right down to your soul. A wild ride, sparked by passion – riding your lust! delightful. Truly a ride there is no easy way to take, no safety, no way out–no handrail, as you say. Let it be the wind on your skin and the beat beneath your feet – I could hear the riff, in this, the scorching cry of the song. Got to agree with Earthgirl here – you always shine when you're writing about your beloved music, Claudia.

  4. >"no handrail on this bridge" is so so so cool, Claudia.Amazing words in this.Congrats on hosting. I've not jumped on the One Stop poetry wagon yet, but one day I just might!xxo

  5. >Absolutely right! There is no handrail on this bridge. Your lust of music has certainly oozed in this one, hot and then scorching hot…wonderfully done!

  6. >Wow! I totally don't mean to be cliche, but that was HOT! Smokin tune/beats that were completely on fire and revved me up. Loved it Claudia

  7. >Thanks Claudia,I notice that some of your poems are like jazz, which I like, because you inject rhythm and beat and soon the poem has a syncopation that far surpasses even the most adroit intellect. It moves and groves and the passion starts melting and running over the sides like an erupting fudge sundae. Hey, I am a musician, so when the playing and the passion merge, yeah baby, it's like the best sex except there ain't no "lover" there-not even the musician. Just sound & movement …a restless sea of sound.OneLove–Tiger

  8. >Dear ClaudiaAhh! So powerful and evocative image that you have created with your words… I could almost sense of desperation by the end of the verse… 'No handrailson this bridge…'Great one shot… ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/03/whispers-seed-and-senseless-living.htmlAt Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  9. >Poetry, music and sensuousness – all in one place, at one time!! What better that that!! LOVED the pace of this poem, Claudia.. and the wordplay.. simply superb!!

  10. >Claudia, I agree with everyone in that when you write about music, it is your strongest poems that come out of hiding. The sensuality is beautifully portrayed in this poem. Thank you for sharing.