>your heart’s iambic – a Rondel

>your heart’s iambic all the way
da DUM, da DUM it grooves – you hear
sweet tapping music rolling near?
upon your chest, a tender sway

of rhythmic waves, they flood your bay
wade into you, then disappear
your heart’s iambic all the way
da DUM, da DUM it grooves – you hear

their scuttling feet dance vast astray,
go stressed, unstressed without a fear
tip-toe the beat from then to here
i’ m wrapped inside this rap today
your heart’s iambic all the way


This and next Monday at One Stop Poetry Form, we’re going to have a close look at Rondels – some history – some technical information – some writing tips. Jump over there to read and join us..


24 responses to “>your heart’s iambic – a Rondel

  1. >"your heart's iambic all the wayda DUM, da DUM" I saw this line at One Stop, didn't realize it was from your poem and thought, "that's a great line!" I almost borrowed it. =)Fabulous rondel. Thanks for the challenge, too.

  2. >A tutorial hidden in a rhyme hidden a poem that ends up totally a poem. Your creative juices are flowing, Claudia. Thanks for the look at the rondel at OneStop, also.

  3. >Hi! Claudia…Your use Of the Rondel is perfect!…Claudia said, "your heart's iambic all the wayda DUM, da DUM it grooves – you hearsweet tapping music rolling near?"…The human heartbeat is like the rhythm Of a drumbeat too!(Those in Native-American culture have pointed that out…)Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  4. >Clever Claudia. That's what makes you great. I love the topic. Would love to read more poems that address the academic and technical side of poetry, even form. This write should become a classic.

  5. >this is really an amazing write claudia…i did go to the one stop page….but i just cannot understand the refraining and the form…

  6. >perfect! thank you for your critique on mine! It is helpful and your brilliance in this form has helped a great deal in portraying the rhythm. Smoothly written, Claudia!