>it was more


it was more starting than landing,
don’t you think?
all those years,
feathers to stone,
dipped gently into
gold-soaked midday glow
like biscuits
in hot chocolate

until they almost fall apart
like we  
and with rough tongues
tasting of smooth
and timeless moments,
when history gets wings
and starts with stony lungs
to breathe again.

you’re never ready
for that special time, for
capturing the tender magic
until it’s shot and usually
i find it in your eyes
just when i spread
my wings,
don’t you think
it was more,
it was more starting than landing

this poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by photographer & poet James Rainsford. He is the featured artist today on One Stop Poetry.


18 responses to “>it was more

  1. >yes i do…it is more starting, each moment…landing is too much of an ending for me…but is is always good to land together, particularly where rough tongues are involved…

  2. >"when history gets wingsand starts with stony lungsto breathe again."To me, those lines epitomize true learning from the past. And yes, it does always seem more starting than landing, especially in things worthwhile. Great response! Also, see your sax iphonegraphy…. How about a future mp3 clip? smiles

  3. >what an absolutely breathtaking poem, Claudia. even more impressive that you come up with so much beauty in your words from that photograph. {though the bird is gorgeous.} an amazing One Shoot, but then your writing always is. dani ♥

  4. >"dipped gently in midday glow"better a beginning than an ending for sure.giving wings to history…often the history isn't laid in cement is it?

  5. >So…. this is beautiful.The combination of history and the idea of it starting vs landing.The word flow — dipped gently in midday glow/you're never readyfor that special time, forcapturing the tender magicuntil it's shot…Beautiful!

  6. >Your line "it was more starting than landing" is so full of possibility, and such a contrast with the immobility of the figure with its "stony lungs". I like how you've varied the refrain at the end.

  7. >Fantastic take on the prompt, Claudia! Especially that final stanza. "It was more" is so full of longing, desire, and a kind of wishfulness full of possibility.

  8. >To me, this spoke of relationships, their starting and landings, and sometimes going separate ways.I love how you used so many elements of the prompt, yet your poem can stand alone without the picture. Beautiful.

  9. >This piece is so softly evocative. The imagery and sentiments are exquisitely executed.This photo has often prompted levity, but your poem teases out other more profound thoughts. Thank you for sharing. James.

  10. >I really like this Claudia– it is tender and mournful, emotionally honest– I especially like: "when history gets wings and starts with stony lungsto breathe again."and the biscuits dipped in chocolate– lots of originality of image in this poem. xxxj