free fall

just the two of us were left,
busy hotel breakfast room;
amidst blackberry jam and
scrambled eggs,
you began to talk of passion,

of diving through the sky
which kept you going all those years
when you were struggling
with the illness
because you loved
the falling free while being bound
to something
you could never shake off

around us, people moved – i didn’t
you told me how
her parachute got tangled up,
you knew, there’s not a perfect safety,
but in a way
you never thought it could be real
when she got smashed
before your eyes

my eggs turned cold,
reflections of your pain in lukewarm coffee
and i have never found the words
to bring us back to business, falling dead
as we hit crashed sky


22 responses to “free fall

  1. >I took hold of the metaphor and saw myself listening to a man I once thought I knew. This was especially moving for me Claudia.I have a real story too. I wish I had had the words.

  2. >Claudia, I had that feeling, a sensation, from the first line, that this was taken from a real event.You put into words the truth, of terror, frustration, helplessness.Only thing which did not ring true for me, was you writing: "..I have never found the words…"Claudia, you ALWAYS have the 'right' words!Love it!PEACE!

  3. >Not sure if this is where you are going, but there lots of flying boy-men out there who prefer to keep their love-lives off the ground. The flying, the falling, as all. Which is only about beginning, isn't it? How can anyone move forward without grounding, without becoming planted (here), and getting on with the business of growing paradise (here). – Brendan

  4. >How nice of you to listen and now to record this event in your unique style. I'll have to think about the metaphor, 'cause the reality of it is still giving me shivers.

  5. >See, this poem is the kind of stuff we poets love about your work. You take things and make them analogous with respect to human emotion and characteristics. "Fall Free" is a great example. I never weary reading your poetry. Better yet, I'm inspired.

  6. >Hi! Claudia…"hm – it's a real story"What a very tragic story too!…I would think ever parachutist…nightmare, but Of course!Your description Of a breakfast uneaten, but left to turn cold…is very vivid too!Thanks, for sharing your words too!DeeDee 😦

  7. The story is horrifying. The telling, mesmerizing. You give just enough info, in such precise form to convince us we know it. And we feel it.