>smoking them silent


they still call you, 
these voices, you say, feeling
hoarse like abrasive belts
thick and full with
their lust
and you never
got rid of that scent
of sweat, of need,
find release
for the pain, insane
when they held you close
to the ground, buried hard
beneath the weight of their grunts,
madness floods,
ejaculates fast until
nothing was left
to deafen that smell
it helps
to burn them slowly, you say
in your mouth – one after one – all
at once, don’t stop ’til you’re at ease, ’til
they burn your lips and glassy blisters
flaming release
until they can’t touch,
until they roll to the edge
until they let go ‘cos
you smoked them low
and supine

This poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by photographer Fee Easton, featured today on One Stop Poetry.


28 responses to “>smoking them silent

  1. >Hi! Claudia and Brian…The same message told in two powerful manner(s) about the dangers Of smoking…and the hazard it (smoking) bring to the smoker.Claudia, once again your words ring true and are…beautiful!Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  2. >All my life I wanted what is bad for me. If Poppa said NO…that insured my desire, my "need". You are SO MUCH RELAXING FUN to read, Claudia!

  3. >Your poem is brutally on-point about loveless loves and sexual misprison–with a smoked-earth sort of revenge. The photo in this context could becomical — a woman smoking every after-sex cigarette of her lousy love-life at once, were it not for those eyes. A living dead's living dread.. – Brendan

  4. >Hard hitting sombre message. I smoke away my worries…time to find another way to deal. Beautiful writing as always Claudia, breathtaking use of vocabulary

  5. >The back story, depth, and release of madness which ensue renders yours a hard hitting poem. Read it with a great frantic pace that seemed to build momentum. Excellent Challenge Response.

  6. >You evoke every nightmare hiding in the back of the mind here, Claudia, and you've translated the look behind that glassy stare into something worthy of true dread.

  7. >"don't stop 'til you're at ease, 'tilthey burn your lips and glassy blisters"you write so vividly, Claudia, and this poem is no exception. i, too, read this with building speed. very powerful in meaning and style. brilliant!

  8. >hahaha!hell yeah!sorry for the outburst…this is erotic,sensual and dark.the mood set speaks volumes about the prompt.love it!buried hard beneath the weight of their grunts…CLASSIC!

  9. >Claudia, your poem is as raw and brutal as the photo itself. Smoking to the hide the smell–so distasteful and brilliantly played. I especially like the the end–"you smoked them low and supine." Excellent portrait of a "ruined" woman!

  10. >Feel the vividness of this woman's pain in the destruction…plays well on the grunge/brutality of the picture from which is stirs. A very telling and gripping portrait of a woman that serves well to bring the horror of smoking to the smoker.

  11. >Love the piece, but must say, I love what you do with your titles! Every one a brilliant match, but at the same time, taking us away from what we assume you are going to tell us. Musical, raw, and gripping…and your finish was perfection!

  12. >She has become the object of deviatedminds, she accepts, for all her worth is reminded each time one appears Your powerful words capture her, she turns to you and says "Capture them"!Yes, she finds my heart, as if she were my own. Excellent!