>talking winter away

>mind heavy with tasks,
i walked
next to all i
should’ve done,
didn’t do and – never will

Josh Redman, breathing, 
easing the pain and
winter-end wind
in my hair as you
bike along,
touching spring
sparkling like fairies, skating
the edge of a dream and
life jumped – jumped
smooth as a cat
to my shoulders and
in the brown of your eyes

i died – like flies at
the end of summer ‘cos
i came from afar – a sailor,
homeless, a wanter and

Josh turned silent –
as we walked back home,
side by side, talking winter

went for a walk after finishing work today and was listening to Joshua Redman, one of my fav Sax players when I met my 16 year old daughter on the way..


18 responses to “>talking winter away

  1. >Really enjoyed this, Claudia. If you read my latest pieces, you'll see how I can't shake winter. You've captured that feeling beautifully. All the sensations you capture wonderfully. A favorite!

  2. >Ahhh, you and your music poems are TOPS! And so sweet with the twist of meeting your daughter. Love the imagery of the cat jumping smoothly onto a shoulder. Cats ARE amazing that way. Wish I could jump 6x higher than I'm tall too. :)xoxo