it’s one of those days
which feel as wrong as
brushing teeth left-handed or
playing well-known pieces
backwards on your sax

when you wish
you hadn’t exchanged
the warmth of your bed for a world,
demanding to be more alive
than dreams, you dreamt
a minute back

the earth shakes
at the wrong places,
the floods always drown
the wrong people
and listening to B. Marsalis makes me cry, so
where d’ya think you got lost?

somewhere amidst
those scattered coos
beyond the rearview mirror, you’re
glimpsing at the road, you travelled
and ahead is rain

you’re swearing,
ready to shoot this early morning mood
with all its steel-blanc desperation,
its ugliness and shameless spell but

your phone is tied to the ether,
keeps you confronted with a world,
you’re not one waveline with
which doesn’t care enough
and don’t deserve
being commented back

and in the shade,
you practise silly smiles
while lonely tumbling air waves
jaywalk tired streets

it’s OneShotWednesday again – hosted by american poet Adam Dustus this week – come, write a poem and join us or just enjoy to meet a group of amazingly talented people over there. Sign up opens at 5 pm EST


53 responses to “>jaywalk

  1. >Claudia…you are Brillant what else can I say…the mood of this write just oozes out, the sense of loneliness and lack of understanding a world, that can not be understood….thank you as always…bkm

  2. >Claudia, this is excellent. I especially like this line…..your phone is tied to the ether,keeps you confronted with a world,you're not one waveline with

  3. >can i just go back to bed now? you capture that morning commute so well claudia…seing what is coming and knowing what is behind we press on….tight write my friend…

  4. >Somehow this poem is the shadow of bkm's "and she bore honey flaxen hair" (posted today), here all about the cost of exchanging "the warmth of your bed for a world." Saying Yes will take you down many roads, some of the darkly noirish as this poem. Sometimes so broad a Yes will take one straight through a world whose only word is No. Fine, fine poem. – Brendan

  5. >Ah This is a cruel world…and it seems crueller at times. I hope you don't go jaywalking for long. It's great to know tomorrow is another day, and we always have the great chance to see life with more love and beautiful gratitude…Great writing, Claudia!D.:-)

  6. >Hey, I can stop reading blogs now–for today. Yours was all I needed, like a 'fix', to keep me poetically happy until tomorrow!I'd like to see where I'm going, but enjoy sometimes even more, where I've been. But where I am this minute is "having just experienced a pleasure" of a Claudia posting.THANK you!PEACE!

  7. >Just one of those days…I know what you mean, my friend. But those days pass and new ones rise, and as much moodiness and darkness might clamber about us in those terrible moments, we just have to remember, more awaits on the other side…lovely.

  8. >This is one of your best, Claudia. I liked being able to both read it and hear it. Some great imagery, especially "longly tumbling air waaves/ jaywalk tired streets". Wonderful!

  9. >From start to finish Claudia, one hell of poem. Looking at life from the reverse perspective from start creates a great tension in this readers thought process. And then you bring it. Splat!! The reference to B. Marsalis–brilliant. He is a master musician. Then the subtle change in emphasis is so smooth. And the closing stanzas, a thing of beauty. That's why I love your poetry. Bravo Claudia, bravo!

  10. >Take a walk through the rhytmic city and this is what you see Claudia, but you penned it so sumptuously. I always find myself open mouthed at your poetry, I'm not joking, it feels so good. Odd thing to say but I'm not sure how else to express it!

  11. >You know you are a genius. You can take that place between anger and frustration and build a world of metaphors that make music, that screech modern art, that slink jazz and wash the sh*t away as it must never touch you, genius and goddess that you are. Just great Claudia!

  12. >Sounds just like certain days I have. Interesting how a bad day can be felt from the moment we wake up. Fantastic poem Claudia. You are always Brilliant with your writing. Thank you for sharing!

  13. >You've nailed that sense of desolation and wrongness that comes with alienation, and with the pummeling of everyday life in all its drabness.. Perfect ending.

  14. >Many a days when I wish I could dream a minute back. Thank goodness all days aren't like the one you described so aptly here.

  15. >I identify with this one Claudia.The whole of yesterday I had cried! Something ugly had happened right in the morning and so…Reading your words it seemed I was reading how it is now..Then again, there are people with greater difficulties and we keep whining at the smallest of things!Hugs xoxox

  16. >Jeeeez, Claudia!! You are my poem-Goddess!!! Your imagery ALWAYS stuns me!! And here, in this poem, I sense some bits of day-to-day frustrations…aarrgghh.. those days!! They come like they were meant to be!! How dare they! (sigh).. thankfully, they pass too.. Those last few lines of your poem said it all!! Masks of glee.. beneath which hide lonely faces.. (sigh..again)HOW WELL YOU WRITE, C!!!

  17. >Wow. Your words, as always, are so poetic and the imagery is so strong.I hope you have a better day tomorrow 🙂

  18. >Claudia, I look forward to your one-shot poem every week. Once again, you top the list of my favorite one shots. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, despairing words.

  19. >oh, claudia, I know this scene all too well. I had to quit working because of the insanity it caused. the desparation in your words echo through my mind.

  20. >Hello ClaudiaThis is the first time I heard you read your poem… You have a beautiful voice… :)And your poem was an absolute delight!Thank you for a great read today!CheersPadmavani

  21. >Always soooooo incredible your use of words, even in the strongest most difficult depictions they carry with a beauty when reading, almost a haunting effect. Your talent is truly a wonderful gift! Excellent! ~April

  22. >I get the frustration when the day starts out wrong, feels wrong and is negatively validated every step of the way. Days like that make me want to stay with Marsalis, parked out at the dead end overlooking the ocean or, if I was lucky, at home in the easy chair. Keep blowin' that horn man! Tiger

  23. >wow, beautiful lady! i could listen to you read your works all day! What a lovely piece this is. Excellently done!thank you so much!

  24. >Dear ClaudiaIts amazingly beautiful. I could feel the emotions right in my heart…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/03/whispers-memories-from-living.htmlAt Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  25. >I read this on the board Claudia but I don't think I commented, reading so much at the moment I just can't seem to get round to commenting on everything. You've really captured that morning feeling of 'here we go again' for me. Really love the final stanza.Carys