>the hope you carry

>Today I’m featured at Photograph Prose.
Photograph prose is a “virtual gym”, a space designed for the collaboration of stylistic strangers where photographers post their images and meet poets who write about what they see in one of their photos…my poem was inspired by an image of the tremendously talented photographer CJ Schmidt.
Hope to see you there

you fell apart like
some roads do
at the end of the rain
and our sun turned dark
for an instant.

there were blisters
on your feet, for
you’d been trekking
too long on desolate trails,
rode empty. and I –
yearned to kiss you
sane but

with dreamy eyes
you smiled hazes
like tender cobwebs
(caught in my hair)
‘cos you knew that,
at the end of your path
was no rot
nor pain
but miles and miles of
soft sand, rippled smooth
by the beat of life and
kept warm
with the hope you carry


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