>in case you ask

>i’ve closed my eyes
and next to me is night

i’m not asleep
just feel for my voice
in the silence

on top of that hill,
i’ve spread wings,

soul shrunk small,
almost invisible,
safely wrapped
by a gentle wind

and beyond the clouds,
an echo away
from where it started,
lingers life
in case you ask


14 responses to “>in case you ask

  1. >Oh I have asked…almost all of my adult life. Cyclical moorings of night bring it back again and again. Nice one miss.

  2. >Hi Claudia,Very toucy poem , make me read it again and again. esp the last stanzai.e. "and beyond the clouds,an echo away from where it started,lingers life in case you ask "beautiful.Thankshave a great Sunday enjoy 🙂