>when i read Rilke

>it’s the beating of my heart,
pulsing distant drums
through the fog of artist’s words,
which feel like coming home,
when reading tastes
of being fed
with delish-ious blackprint noshes,
watching moist ink drip
from quivering lips,
bewitched with wondrous treasure,
resonate ring, wide wing bells
from your heart’s cathedral

do savor them
until your eyes shine bright
and passion blows upon your fields
as wind-swept hay before it
comes to rest in tousled hair

I want to lick the letters from this page
they, melting like chocolate on my tongue,
flooding my veins with cutting
edge imagery, traversing red corpuscles
to every far out orbit,

forever trace you with my fingertips
like a demanding lover,
sensing mad sensations of exploring foreign ground
until you scream and melt
into my labor pains
and ink has mingled with my blood
in some mysterious, secret dance,

i start to breathe again,
the world has changed

Rainer Maria Rilke is my favorite of the old poets in the German speaking landscape. I’m doing a spotlight on him and the “A Year with Rilke” blog over at One Stop Poetry today and with the above poem, I try to describe how I feel when reading his fantastic work..

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53 responses to “>when i read Rilke

  1. >Your poetry Claudia sings like a soul singer. The alliteration and assonance usage is as sweet honey. The poem takes the reader by the hand and just says "go with me" and "I'll take you there." I love taking poetic journey with you. A wonderful poem by all stretch of my imagination.

  2. >wow… Had not realized Rilke had such a profound effect on so many poets. Your poem pays great tribute in full sensory, gut-level personal detail, taking into account taste in addition to the journey of life and the experience of birth.

  3. >Scattershot imagery that hits home every one, and fine homage to Rilke, one of the most skilled emotional poets ever to live. Great subject, and great work.

  4. >Beautiful, intense, I love this: "forever trace you with my fingertips like a demanding lover, sensing mad sensations of exploring foreign ground until you scream and melt into my labor pains and ink has mingled with my blood in some mysterious, secret dance,"Thanks Claudia, for share it.Soraya

  5. >I like HW's idea of "scattershot" here– yes– and a great drive to come up with an unexpected instant, a visual/emotional collision arising from a new image, not an old and tired image, but a new one–many of these here. Beautiful. xxxj

  6. >A tribute to a great poet with fantastic imagery. I especially like this line… bewitched with wondrous treasure, 🙂

  7. >When I read your post this morning for One Stop Poetry, I knew this poem was going to be good. And I was not disappointed. Well done!

  8. >I too feel like the world has changed, or at least my view of the world after reading Rilke. A beautiful tribute to the sublime experience of having one's heart transformed by the words of this timeless, and very human being.

  9. >Claudia, I loved how all of the senses were obliged in your poems. A beautiful portrait you paint for us with your sensuous words. Agreed that this is a great tribute. Thank you for sharing.~Corbie Sinclair

  10. >Words about words, sensuous; taken to emotional heights. It's a mystery to me how you do it. I believe you truly make jazz with your poetry and it outraces the sun.

  11. >Claudia, your words ring true ofa poet who deserves them. I lovethis "with delish-ious blackprint noshes," how pretty is that.Pamela

  12. >wow! intense and beautiful. Your words captured me and lead me through to the end savoring every delicious word along the way. Eloquently done!thank you

  13. >Nice to see Rilke so stirs you – to see how he gets down inside you and makes you sing so. It's always nice to have an inspiration, and he's certainly one to draw from. Loved the post on him yesterday, and the poem besides. An intense savoring – and a passionate elation.

  14. >This is so perfect. I was identifying as I went along, but the passion and clarity of this piece is striking. It kept going, taking me to the same places Rilke does. This is simply fantastic! You have remarkable talent for piercing the experience, and this is a great example of that.

  15. >@ Tiger – i think Rilke waa a broken man in many ways, a man with deep emotions and i can feel them resonate in his poetry..not sure how passionate he actually was, but reading his work, stirs this kind of passion in me..

  16. >"i start to breathe again, the world has changed"i found this ending to be so powerful because my breath was indeed taken away for a moment while reading this wonderful tribute. your words offered the tempatation to "want to lick the letters from this page…like melting chocolate on my tongue."no wonder i could hardly breathe after reading! beautifully written, my friend.

  17. >"traversing red corpusles to every far out orbit." love that line…otherwise I guess I better find some Rilke to read.

  18. >. . . coming home . . .licking letters from the page . . . mad sensations . . . the world has changed.Yes, infinitely. Yes. It is life changing. How he does it, I don't understand. So I'm letting that go.Thank you again, Claudia, for the spotlight on A Year with Rilke, and for this deeply lovely expression of your resonance with Rilke. My favorite part of your rich poem is the stanza about wind-swept hay and tousled hair. Wonderful!

  19. >always beauty to be found here, in your words. i love the imagery of his poetry birthing your own ideas, your own voice…

  20. >Sensual, adamantly passionate. "I want to lick these words from this page"–amazing! Love how all the sense come into play here. A fine and sensuous tribute to one of my favorite poets!

  21. >Rejoinder. I love you passion. I don't want to dissect it or even understand it. I just want to ride it like a roller coaster dripping in chocolate spirals.Two thumbs and four toes UP♡

  22. >This is great. I have not read much Rilke, but I can relate to the quickening heartbeat I feel when I read poetry by Madeleine L'Engle (and now I must get my hands on some of Rilke's stuff). "I start to breathe again, the world has changed." Yes, this resonates deeply with me! (Google and Open ID push back to old sites of mine which I think are dead links; I'm Dianne @ UnfinishedWork and am a legit blogger!)

  23. >Trying this again … such a fine glass of wine offered to the Master! You show how Rilke almost magically reaches off his carefully handwritten pages through to a book through a translator and still entrances a mind, a heart. This poem is so physical, so edible, so passionately shouts Yes at poetry's bard of affirmation. Lovely, lively, luscious work. – Brendan

  24. >Your love and admiration for Riike works are very clear in your poem, Claudia… What a fine tribute!!! "watching moist ink drip from quivering lips," — this was so visual and stunning!! Your imagery is beyond words or praise, my friend!! Trust me, I am the one licking your words right now… and they taste yummy!

  25. >Oh my, I'm melting. I love Rilke's work as well but haven't read in quite some time. Thanks for the reminder and for this beautiful One Shot contribution. I'm swimming in a pool of your words, ahhh. Thank you, Claudia. Great to meet & greet, too.

  26. >Sense and emotion wrapped around the tongue. Go, Claudia! And a wondrous tribute to Rilke. My fav (and so tasty): I want to lick the letters from this page they, melting like chocolate on my tongue,flooding my veins with cutting edge imagery, traversing red corpuscles to every far out orbit, Ooh, chills.

  27. >Just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you the I Love This Blog award. You can see it here. I realize that many bloggers don't accept or show their awards and that's fine; just wanted to let you know you had been awarded.

  28. >Dear ClaudiaIts very beautiful… I enjoyed the sensation of the mysterious, secret dance…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/03/whispers-winter-dew.htmlTwitter @VerseEveryDay

  29. >Hi! Claudia…I have to agree with some Of the previous comment your poem is…beautiful! the words and your use Of "images" in your words are strong and your feeling about [Rainer Maria] Rilke's work (writing) is…"intense." Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  30. >A great tribute, feel similar when I read Neruda…haven't been reading him long but oh boy, your words describe the emotions to a tee. As always your words flow with ease and graciousness which leave me wanting more and encore at the end of a poem Claudia. Bravo x

  31. >It seems there is a bit of a Rilke vibe at the moment, I just read a piece on Brendan's blog.These two lines really stood out for me in the piece Claudiauntil you scream and melt into my labor painsFor me this describes perfectly how reading good poetry can help a poet'give birth' to work of their own. A very powerful metaphor. Carys

  32. >I haven't read much of Rilke, but what I have, I have loved, as I love your poem. Glad to be back reading what to me is unimaginable, but to you normal.