>you were Aragorn

>i called you Shakespeare, that’s roughly
what your name translates to.
we met in Munich for the weekend
some time after dead end summer love
‘cos letters never bridged the winter.

small village and you didn’t fit in,
dreamer, vagabond and Tolkien fan,
we sat talking books for hours,
smoking Camel, walking barefoot,
laughing summer into wings, glued tight to
country lanes and bloomed between
black printed sheets, Tubular bells and the
all-knowing smiles of small town gossip.
for a long time, i met no one
who could kiss like you.

we had no money and the room, we spent
the night was small, electric waves were
creeping up the walls like roaches.
i sometimes wondered how it would have
been, whispered rhymes into my ears while
tossing me towards the Shire. but you were
Aragorn and you had promised
not to touch me,

so nothing happened, yet everything changed,
i got lost in the eyes of the prince,
and for a long time didn’t find the exit.

this poem was inspired by some memories, hitting me like a rocket when reading Anton Gourman’s poem “In July 2003”

13 responses to “>you were Aragorn

  1. >There's a saying, the old jokes are the best–the old ones that you still laugh at no matter how many times you've heard them. So with the old memories–some are always still the best. You make that time in your life very real here, Cluadia, and make me a bit nostalgic as well.

  2. >"laughing summer into wings" the references herein add multiple layers among the impact of imagery. The roach line got me most. Your poem is inspiring.

  3. >Hey, Splitter Gewitter! Great to be back in your land again.Dittoes on the lines that impacted dustus.And ever since seeing you on video expressively speaking your one poem that time, I now hear you speaking this too!What a time eh. Youth. Memories. Or even just imagined, as well said.xo

  4. >Your mention of tubular bells…was that referring to the music? Andyway, young love is so clear and unquestioned. I just was, fully emotive and a hunt for commonalitly and interesting differences. Love the ending contrast.

  5. >A great poem, Claudia. I love the last two lines of verse. They read brilliantly to me. They represent an absolutely sweet way to end this poem. Your work is exceptional in my humble opinion.

  6. >Poets that harbor such bold , strong and yet tender eye towards life always amaze me. This poem is full of affection and understanding. One can see those two elements surrounding and embracing nostalgia and even a hint of regret that turns into a big earthbound smile.You moved me Claudia.Thank you.{did he have black long hair and talk in a mellow yet commanding voice? :)}