>you still hear the music


today, it lost
its adventurous smell, the kind you inhale
deep, smell again and again until
you’re drunk, excessively hungry or satisfied
and your nose gets dry from aspirating
the danger-soaked rifts of kilimanjaro 

where i danced, high from heights and
barefoot in heels, snow icing on skin,
pure thrill of holy moments running
the veins, doping me through the night
when we

ran out of snow, music stopped dead and
instead of dancing the ups, i mourn the lows,
touch my fear like alienated lovers in thin nights
and where shall we go from here? this child

was lost in its play, cherries in soft ice, hid beneath
piles ‘n piles of cream, dream and
keep on kid i say, don’t watch the night come close,
how it swallows your heart and you die
crimson, wet and lonely on the tops of your hills.

take this pen, write about fighting hard and
fish-like gasping dreams, soaked salty and slick
with your tears, spilled – like vomit now;
dig the snow girl and find those heels
cause you hear, you still hear
the music

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45 responses to “>you still hear the music

  1. >you know i could listen to you read all day claudia…smiles. you read it at a much slower pace than i read it as well…the blitz of imagery is great…keep listening for the music, dont ever lose it or the adventure…life is too crucial

  2. >"Keep dancing.., cause you hear, you still hear the music." Put on your dancin' shoes and never stop because when you do it's over. Brilliant as always Claudia. I also love to hear your voice. It could read to me for hours! Wonderful. Gay

  3. >The music is a road and it brings you here to this poem and it will take you beyond all words for the music and it will still sing on … — Brendan

  4. >Bewitching in its echoed delivery, I agree with Brian I could listen to you all day. Poem was packed full of metaphor, might take me more than one read to decipher it all lovely!

  5. >instead of dancing the ups, i mourn the lows,greatly done as alwyas that line wher shall we go rom here reminded me of Pink Floyds Why won't you talk to meYou never talk to meWhat are you thinkingWhere do we go from hereKeep Talking , The Division Bell:)

  6. >Aahh.. I was caught in the web your words here, Claudia… LOVELY!I suppose, we need to keep looking for the music, and keep seeking that innocence that we seem to have lost somewhere along our journey… Your poem said it all… it really spoke to me… and your rendition of the same was impeccably done, my friend!! Beautiful!Kudos!

  7. >This reminds me of beat poetry, it is so rhytmic and it flows so smooth. I love the internal rhymnes, and just the general rhythm, not to mention the images like the child lost in its play. I want to come back and read this again later when I can actually listen to you read it (no sound now). It also makes me want to smoke a cigarette, which I can't entirely explain.

  8. >That last stanza really got to me. "Fish-like gasping dreams" – I know what that feels like but would never have thought to describe it that way.

  9. >Claudia, a beautiful poem for One Shot. The words resonate within all of us. The music is heard and we shall make sure that no one is buried. Thank you for sharing.

  10. >Claudia, I love how you take the reader through different twists and turns. Your lines dance–at times fast then slowly; all the while sounding like music; in prose. I am, with others, a fan of your poetry.

  11. >You've really mastered the delivery of your pieces Claudia. Another excellent audio presentation of an image-heavy piece. The music is not merely in the words, it's in the tone and in the flow, commanding the notes to spill and to dance upon your readers' tongues – the atmosphere is an intoxicating and rhythmic thing, filled with beautiful sights and contradictions such as: "where i danced, high from heights and barefoot in heels," – such a feeling, such a visual. Praise be the music plays on – and never lose the dance, neither!

  12. >I always read your work through once and then read again listening to you. You pound the senses with your words and at times I find myself holding my breath at the end. Wonderful.

  13. >Dear ClaudiaYou weave such magical stories with nature, feelings and thoughts… I enjoyed it so much… your words are so evocative and bring the atmosphere alive…Thanks for sharing…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/02/whispers-tanka-and-search-for-being.htmlConnect with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  14. >Some imagery Claudia!That's exact what I do now with my pen.. I mean keyboard here :)I write about my fights, and my win. Everytime I thought- that's it, I could her the music still being played.. I dance to its tune with as much love..Hugs xx

  15. >What a beautiful soundtrack you have presented with your words. Fantastic imagery and flow…can feel the rhythm. Awesome write…as always!!!!

  16. >My fav (aside from the recitation, which was excellent, great pacing):cherries in soft ice, hid beneathpiles 'n piles of cream, dream andkeep on kid i say, don't watch the night come close,how it swallows your heart and you die crimson, wet and lonely on the tops of your hills. All the feeling melting, the red against the white ice, dancing anyway. Thanks for the verse, and your voice.

  17. >well-honed piece… as all yours are tending to be it seems! Would have questioned the length, but it appears all justified. I might try reciting some of mine, particularly the difficultly metered ones…. and I am getting into iPhoneography… cool huh? My network just told me the iPhone 5 is due out in june.. nuts.. fine work, CloudyLuke x

  18. “and where shall we go from here? this child

    was lost in its play, cherries in soft ice”
    Again, you astound me with your word choices, they are practically tactile, your images…