>street summer


it was one of those street summers
when the heat of a perspiring city
robs you of your mind and glues
you to the pavements, when tons of
ice cream drip from children’s lips
and mingle with the lingering dust
on sun baked concrete.

we danced the fountains with
wet hair as i watched cheeky freckles
bloom – dots of love in your sunburnt
face; braille to be decoded
with my finger tips. your white shirt
was nothing but business and your
lips, smooth liquid in a thirsty land.

i sucked your coolness
on a planet of our own, touched only
peripherally by the barking of
summer-odd dogs and a mad, yearning
violin, played by the Darth Vaders on
the corners of our carefree now,
just when the rain set in and with the heat,

it swallowed our fountains, made your
freckles fade pale and cleaned damp
asphalt from the burning traces of your
salty lips on my neck.

This poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by photographer JackAZ, featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday.


24 responses to “>street summer

  1. >there's nothing like sweating on a hot summer day — it's better than air conditioning — right now, i'm looking at snow and can't wait for summer to chase the ice cream truck up the street; when our ice cream cones drip on our sidewalk –maria's pistachio and my boring vanilla

  2. >You depict such a wonderful summer day where people are so absorbed in merriment and each other that multiple Darth Vader street musicians become part of the scenery. Can't wait for summer!

  3. >Wow! I love the sensuality of this poem and the way it describes those moments of 'now.' You've written a fantastic opening and the ending is as searing as a summer day!

  4. >cool beans…and the coolness of the himan mind reveals itself…I really like the "challenges" here at OS…we get to see so many variations on a common themeyours definetly left a warm and wet feelingPeace, hp

  5. >i can feel the heat and desire played out by the couple.it binds well with the image of vader seting the background for the coming festivities.

  6. >You rose well to the challenge, my friend and turned a…shall we say chalenging? prompt into your smooth sundae of 31 flavors. (that's an ice cream joint over here) some really great lines, but it's the overall picture of two lovers that comes through the craziness.ps *whispers* typo on "but, 7th line, second stanza"

  7. >I like this poem, a lot of brilliant imagery.Also a bit of a funloving tone to this. What? darth vader street performing, did the death star go into liquidation or something? lol