he chirps into my day’s gray,
black charcoaled wings
against the fade-out
of an azure sky, dripping
ebony into my lunch break.

dim eyes sink softly
into darkest gowns, rest blanc beneath
smooth feather pools, dive deep until
i quiver – synchronize our hearts
and soothing feathers
wrapping me, stirred hungry

for blue mountain tops, i disappear
without a trace in sable patches “call it freedom”,
melting – melting with the sky.

stopped talking long ago,
dying of hunger 
from the food on my plate

what was it about flying?  
on pale days,
a pulsing body next to mine,
without fearing the storm’s sway,
singin’ voiceless songs, cascade into
the sun’s bright heart, ride stormy breezes
into emptiness and color-drunk, we mock
the paleness of a fading now, he chirps

into the gray of my day,
black charcoaled wings against the 
wash-out of an azure soul and

when he flew away, i hid
beneath his wings;

and left in the canteen – behind

some lonely crumbs
on a half empty plate

(if you wanna hear me read it, click on the above player)

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56 responses to “>blackbird

  1. >very beautiful, Claudia– I have numerous blackbird refs in my work– check out According to Luke on my FB profile page… this is such a lovely arcing song of longing to be close to the other things in this world…xxxj

  2. >Absolutely love when you read yours, Claudia! The smoothness and subtle flow to your words take on an added dimension for certain. Your love of poetry and artistry shine through this post both in writing and speech… "black charcoaled wings against the wash-out of an azure soul" excellent lines throughout in rhythm, symbolism, and overall meaning : )

  3. >Woah. Loved the audio on this one. The echoing, resonant quality of it, so dark and delightful, draws you in…As for the poem, well: that's quite a lunch break. Goes to show, wonders can result from even the most mundane of things. Beautiful and free-spirited, littered with lovely images, and the last two lines were the perfect way to end it.

  4. >"…stopped talking long ago,dying of hunger from the food on my plate…" Just nothing but good all the way through this one–your poetry is colored music. Beautiful piece.

  5. >soothing featherswrapping me… hummmclaudia, you master of the metaphor, leave me at awe more and more. Every new poem of yours is a soothing adventure in wordland.

  6. >I loved hearing you read it, what a beautiful voice. "He chirps into my day's gray" Such a lovely way to start. And, I like the longing I felt in your words to fly "without fearing the storm's sway."

  7. >What an intimate encounter with a very common blackbird, and how it brought yourself out into the open while pecking at your food. Thanks for the read too. you haunt me with the ease in which you describe the now. excellent

  8. >ClaudiaWow…this poem born out of one small moment in life…this Black Bird is SO symbolic…and presented in your life…this poem honors that connectionHere is a tiny bit on Black Bird symbolism:"Birds robed in black do not give up their secrets easily. They love to watch us marvel over their messages. Black birds demand our commitment to learning their wisdom, and do not reveal their meanings unless they are convinced we've devoted ourselves completely to the path of understanding (both dark and light sides of) energy."there is also a connection to alchemy: transition and transformation…Black birds are generally considered archetypes of living life in higher realm (higher intelligence, higher thought, higher ideals)mystery, magic, secrets, the Unknown, Pure Potential (alchemy)Now…wonder how the black bird connects with you on a symbolic level? this poem is amazing!

  9. >what was it about flying? on pale days, a pulsing body next to mine, without fearing the storm's swayWhat a beautiful observation Claudia! This makes me want to go to lunch with you to see what is out there that I am missing! Beautiful poem and I really enjoy listening to your reading.

  10. >You are a blackbird stowaway baked in a song and with each new one you sing, the colors form a world as delicate and as beautiful as you, yourself. Exquisite, dear Claudia.You do soar in this one. Gay @beachanny

  11. >Your voice is smokey and sweet. Absolutely beautiful. I'd like to request that you read more of your poetry out loud… You could make a grocery list sound sexy and profound.

  12. >stunning Claudia and then to hear your voice .. Ohhh .. Loved it .. such a depth .. I have one of those lovely little chaps comes here every year ~ proudly chirps In that plumage you so aptly describe and you wonder ~ as you did ~ transformed ~ more than crumbs I'll bet he dined as a veritable King ~ Superb Claudia ~ Lib ~ http://t.co/tXpkzwp @libithina

  13. >The piece wanders, languid like an unhurried bird in flight. The interplay between the blackbird taking flight and the crumbs is nicely handled. Very nice work.

  14. >Oooooooooooooooohhhh… Claudia, my dear… this is so dreamy and lovely!! Almost song-like!! Loved the idea of flying away with the bird, hidden beneath his wings…. wooowwwww…what a refreshing thought!! And leaving those crumbs behind… a touch of mastery, I say!! A fine fine FIIIINE piece, my friend!! BRAVO!And CHEERS to freedom!! 🙂

  15. >this was the first time that I heard you…so powerful…I love how you come back to him chirping into the gray of your day…I love that you do this in your second (it is, right?) language…I have written some poetry in the past in Spanish and layered with it recently, but this? this?!! extraordinary…such a gift…

  16. >Dear ClaudiaWhat a lovely poem.. and so emotional… lines like this 'into the gray of my day,black charcoaled wings against the wash-out of an azure soul and'took me into a different world… and leaving some half empty plate… lovely…I enjoyed it so much…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/02/whispers-night-along-sea.htmlTwitter @VerseEveryDay

  17. >…es wurde ja schon alles gesagt…aber dieser kleine schwarze Vogel – der begegnet mir auch oft… und die Sehnsucht zu fliegen… ja, die lässt mir Flügel wachsen…