>drip – drip – dreamless


it’s not about framing us in you said, it’s
about shelter and staying focused, about
listening to whispers of grain and staring

blue skies even bluer until smooth, endless
azure floats, like medical infusions, silently 
into your veins, so drip – drip – dreamless,

coloring your red blood featherlight and
make white clouds sway on your soul. you
know, i trade love to split you open, to

make you feel the vastness of the land,
tumble drunken on the brink of the moon,
balancing piled rocks with scratched toes and

that’s bullshit you say with clouded eyes,
sweat soaking your clothes with streams
of defeat & you water drowned gardens while

she’s playing the piano in her night gown
inside – always – inside and none of us
ever looked back.

this poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. One Shoot Photography Sunday, shot by photographer Sean McCormick 



34 responses to “>drip – drip – dreamless

  1. >After focusing on a barrage of beautiful, drip-infused ethereal imagery; I absolutely love how the speaker changes tune so to speak, returning to music she plays dressed in comfort. "coloring your blood featherlight" Also, appreciate that line in addition to those quoted by Bri & me_duress

  2. >"Make the white clouds sway" I can drink that line…so right on in description for me. The drip drip idea reminded me of Chineese torture. One who doesn't dream a little has a steady dripping upon the forehead. Loved this.

  3. >I hear her on the pianoInside she'd rather be.She plays that one tuneeveryday and has no melody.She only plays the white keysknowing only key of C.She's driving me half crazywith her monotonous symphony.This morning at her doorI saw her pussycat.It was eating fish and milkwhile she played the same songwith the same eight boring notes.The cat content he smiled at meso I pulled his fluffy tail. He cried so loud. I hope she heard. There is a key of G.

  4. >Claudia, oh my, what love, loss and sense if feeling in this poem. I second third and fourth all the comments above. The last stanza almost too much to bear and all this from artwork. Great words my friend x

  5. >"…you water drowned gardens", this line has deep meaning.Love is not without pain of some sort and deeper one measures depth of other. (Not only 'breaking up'…but giving up of this or that in favor of love.)And who captures this better than the poet? Unless maybe in collaboration with the composer?Thank you for another 'keeper', Claudia. PEACE!

  6. >What a wonderful way of visualizing both sides of a love story. "i trade love to split you open" sets us up nicely for that fifth stanza when you put it all on the line. The last two stanzas create especially arresting images.

  7. >"whispers of grain and staring" From then onwards I was under your spell Claudia, and dreamscaped inside this nurturing poem and its imagery. And what an ending that was. What a freeze frame. Putting music inside a poetic imagery is a strong and potent invention. And you managed to make me read it again twice before departing from you blog, only to return soon again 🙂 Costis Demos

  8. >A truly gorgeous piece, intense and beautiful with such and powerful shift towards the end. Wonderful lines… "tumble drunken on the brink of the moon, balancing piled rocks,"

  9. >I love the poem Claudia, the visual richness…emotion walking a tightrope throughout. I like the twist in the ending.My favourite line 'you water drowned gardens' Love it!CheersPadmavani

  10. >I second what hedgewitch said…there are ghosts in your house 🙂 …I see the drastic switch in mood as others have commented on, however, it gave me an uneasy feeling…because I know that these mood shifts can be very painful for those who have them – you have portrayed it well here, dear claudia, because it made me cringed. great writing…

  11. >Gosh, Claudia.. your poems are as dreamy as they can get… each poem of oyur that I read, I feel like I am sitting on a feather and traversing skies and universes… Your wordplay and imagery are just fantastic here!" i trade love to split you open" — ooohh…what a line!! SUPERB!