>your steps on the floor
make me count minutes,
heartbeats and years, gone by
like rush hour trains. fighting sleep
and listening to your late night
sound – the music, microwave
and beeping of your phone.

i peel out of bed like
an orange to sleepwalk upstairs
where you smell of metal, pizza
and the lavish warmth of youth,
kiss your astonished smile and
just hold you close for a while.
next morning

i will read on facebook,
there’s nothing better than
returning late & tired from a
hard day’s work and sleepy mom
creeps out of bed just so, to kiss
and say she loves you.. and nine
of your cool friends will have
pressed the “like” button


12 responses to “>sleepwalker

  1. >Facebook…it knows all and sees all, in some cases before even we do! Heh. Very modernistic piece, thought it added a nice little feel/atmosphere to the work. Sweet piece…the method changes, but the expression of love always remains.