>hunting words to fit a viscous,
fragile mood – fragmented sky and
messy clouds, we’re tastin’

ink, touch my skin – tornado,
cobweb or a twinkling eye, the
artist’s brush, wet oil, alone – we
fly, dark dancer on an empty

stage, crave, make ’em love us, no
regret, so tear my flesh, press heavy
on my soul and move
inside the turbine of my breath

these verse will win us, tear
our seam and spark; ejaculate
into our heart, splash torrents, lust-
washed cries, we scream the words
that toss and flood our aisles –
whitewater – clingin’, squirmin’ – short

of breath we close this bleeding gap
of unreached stars
to shattered smallprint
amongst rumpled sheets

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  1. >brilliant, ClaudiaI love thisink, touch my skin – tornado,cobweb or a twinkling eye, theartist's brush, wet oil, alone – wefly, dark dancer on an empty stage, crave, make 'em love us, no regret, so tear my flesh, press heavyon my soul and move inside the turbine of my breathbreathtaking!thank you

  2. >i am just impressed that you worked ejaculate into a poem…snort. just playing this was a wicked wild ride as we strive to do as we cut our selves open and spill out our words…

  3. >Claudia, you (and Brian!) WHENCE comes those word-ideas–or idea-words. I marvel at the thought processes which are happening in your brains (you also have a "Brian-Brain–grin!). "…move inside the turbine of my breath." Claudia, you make compatible, meaningful, words together–which had never met one another until your introduction.Again…MARVELOUS!

  4. >Alright, I say it, can't resist… you just gave new meaning to the term "one shot!" Palpable lines. Quite a comment about poets, and poetry. Again you don't hold back. Excellent writing.

  5. >Jesus lol men and their minds uh Claudia?? It's like a couple of schoolboys tittering over a mag at school lolI thought this was a huge treat, and I feasted on the sumptuous words. Excellent poem Claudia. I feel like I just ate chocolate 🙂

  6. >WOW This is difficult to describe (?) Claudia-never before have poets been given such a descriptive unique tribute to their…. meanderings.:)

  7. >Whoooaa!! Intense, and vivid!! !"press heavyon my soul and move inside the turbine of my breath" — really enjoyed the image this created… I felt like a dragon ready to breathe fire onto my pages… felt very powerful!!! Long live this poetic world!! :)Kudos on this superb piece, Claudia!!

  8. >Absolutely incredible Claudia, and love the use of "paint" in this too, this strong artistic quality. OHHHH I LOVE!!! 🙂 ~April

  9. >Absolutely incredible Claudia, and love the use of "paint" in this too, this strong artistic quality. OHHHH I LOVE!!! 🙂 ~April

  10. >Felt like a sexy, luscious valentine to poetry. Unique in imagery and word usage, your work never fails to delight me. You are more than ethereal, you are more than wonderful, you are very nearly spiritual! Thank you again, Claudia.Gay

  11. >"of breath we close this bleeding gapof unreached starsto shattered smallprintamongst rumpled sheets" for me the best line was last…love this!

  12. >Too many great lines to count, as always, but I do like the image of a '..dark dancer on an empty stage…" that pre-writing state of waiting for the words to come…

  13. >The wonderful wrath of the poet, writing fiercly, viciously, feeling, emoting. You have taken inspiration from those that are inspired…what could produce anything better!? Love it 🙂

  14. >Yup. Spot on. I think the feeling of creation is as anxious as this. Both before and during, but also after. A piece of work created is a grown up child that doesn't need us any more.I loved your child. Good work.

  15. >wonderful, claudia. I can't believe how in touch with your poetic soul you are for not having written poetry for all that long. You are a true natural.

  16. >hi claudia– I especially like this: so tear my flesh, press heavyon my soul and move inside the turbine of my breathreminds me of Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God of John Donne– powerful! xxxJenne'

  17. >I enjoyed this so much… so much raw emotions hidden in the words… playing with mind and tentatively touching out the exposed raw passion… I loved your last line…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/02/whispers-another-kind-of-valentines-day.html

  18. >These are words you can taste Claudia! Every bit of it. And so true is the message."of breath we close this bleeding gap of unreached starsto shattered smallprintamongst rumpled sheets"–stopped me in my tracks.

  19. >Awesome! Love all images packed into this one, and yes, yes, the sexual references are fantastically executed.I can't help but hear a spoken word piece in this. It'd be cool to hear you read it.

  20. >I somehow lost trace of you site…well…it's a new one from the one I knew…so I'm so excited about reading you wonderful poetry again…like this poem.

  21. >Whew! Wow, this one revved up and up, making me read faster, looking for that climax…and then slowly brought me back down again to nestle back into my chair and smile. You love your poetry girlfriend! Sweet.

  22. >I'm not into bullshit backslapping commentsNor jaded, repetitive drollI just think you are a good poetDealin' with all the impulses and frustrationsThe best way you canMe I come from Big SurLand of Henry Miller andRobinson JeffersGreat writers and poetsBut when I take my goodBook outNobody has time for it No recognitionAs I speak for the spiritOf that wondrous placeNobody even walks The hills any moreNo one risks the wildernessNo responseNobody homeYes there's the frustrationOf a good poet.Tiger Windwalker

  23. >You know Claudia, maybe I should start writing in German…you handle English like a tottler's toy. Maybe I need to spend more time in poetry foreplay before hittin' the keys. Wow.