>hex# d02090


i saw it in your eyes,
hurt – turning wild, an empty
madness, color-coded, RED is
leaping, seeping from below
your brows into the dark and
outsold night, scan life for veils
to shade, so no one sees that
you have filled your black
with brittle lies of home
and windswept grain, denying
your existence. poor, i saw it –
in your eyes, pushing you back &
run to find my own deep purple just
in time before the rain sets in

color codes:
hex# ff0000 is the color code for the red inside the house
hex# d02090 is the color code for the deep purple grain

this poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. One Shoot Photography Sunday. the amazing prompt was shot by photographer Sean McCormick


25 responses to “>hex# d02090

  1. >Brilliant take on the prompt! You describe color on a whole different level poetically by infusing its hexadecimal value with poetry! love it

  2. >There are so many arresting things about this photograph – the motion it suggests, the light within where there shouldn't be any, the colors. You swirled the colors into words. Well done, Claudia.

  3. >Great wordplay, with the double meaning of hex fitting this house so well. And the madness it brings to a summer night. Another wonderful experience from your ever-more-enjoyable pen, Claudia.

  4. >Found the music layered in deep purple – the soul, and the lack hidden in black hinting at something beyond time, beyond human. Well written and beautifully haunting. Gay

  5. >To take an image such as this and spit words that do it justice is an acomplishment to be very proud of. I felt "dwarved" but such a huge and vibrant photo, but you have provided the words to equal it. well done and much enjoyed 🙂

  6. >Hi Claudia, Very Nice selection of words and the flow is amazing ..I was thinking to write but I'm thinking ..I poor at it. Help me out sometime how I can also do write something in accord to the picture.Thanks for this :)Take care.have a nice week