>keep breakin’ free


steps, small steps, we
count petals and rats
it’s your breath
on my face
makes me sing,
slow, go, watch
giants grow and
fear cuts our wings
like we flee, is it
you, me? we see
keep & keep movin’
jump, tuning loves turn,
dry hearts burn
fierce on real zeal, we
gulp life, strife &
achin’ dreams means
keep breakin’

..so this was my take on today’s hip hop prompt at One Stop Poetry 
listen to the above music while reading the poem and then jump over to let brian miller tell you how hip hop was born..


11 responses to “>keep breakin’ free

  1. >The rhythm in your soul is so very obvious in your writing. I knew you would have no trouble at all with this, and would produce yet another awesome write. Agree with Brian, as he has quoted my favorite phrase as well…I'm thinking I need to uncork a bottle of wine (or two) before I attempt this one!lol