>worker blues


A3, early morning,
mon to fri-day, same route,
eating miles,
we speed limits.
our shapes and restraints alike.

soaked with dark-gray tunes we drive &
act responsible.

deep wrinkles round tired eyes,
heads heavy with to-do’s,
the sun – left years ago.

our morning darkness has no
sparks and shades
as headlights cut the distance
radio humming.

and maybe all our music, all our sighs
would scribble history if played
high volume, same-time, open windows

but this, we never do,
muted sighing and hushed we play

our silence sprinkles cold on rough concrete,
paints asphalt wet & dark with worker blues

and prints lonely road marks on our deep blue,
ocean yearning souls

just about to leave for a business trip, so my commenting back will be delayed until thursday evening…

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37 responses to “>worker blues

  1. >Cold and lonely, I'm ridin' all alone, Out on the highway bleak as a stone; ocean callin' to my very bones. It sure feels lonely and beautifully blue – indigo dear Claudia and that ocean between us so dark and deep. Beautiful. I'm gettin' the vibe here. Mine is about fishes.

  2. >Reminds me of my years on the road. I'm so glad to be outta there. Claudia, chick this was beatiful writing, and elegantly poised. Let's hope she makes it there safe 😉

  3. >I remember those days….one of the "masses of asses" out there choking the roads on my morning commute…you've captured the ennui of it so nicely!

  4. >How my wife @This_Lifetime could relate this poem…in fact, I fear she lives this poem daily. If a nail was to be hit, you have hit is squarely in the middle of the road. Wonderfully done. Cheers, David

  5. >It seems like the speakers voice yearns to break free of the monotony, both free in mind yet restricted by form, and formality. Love it.

  6. >what a 'journey' you painted here Claudia ~ scraping concrete /headlights turned shedding years free from lines/in lines of stanza led ~ lovedx ~ hope your journey is good Claudia ~ Lib ~

  7. >The vicious cycle of discontentment no matter what song I am playing. You have summed up so well what it means to have commitments that lie beyond your calling, doing what we are supposed to do, what we are expected to do. Another great write that was well related to on this end. Safe travels! 🙂

  8. >Claudia, I loved the blues tune you played for us. Many drag their way through work and can closely associate themselves. Thank you for sharing!

  9. >This is wonderful. I know this feel and you painted it beautifully. You painted a longing I have often, the longing for freedom from all that is not important and to be together with others.

  10. >Aaahh…the blues!! Been there, felt that!! "muted sighing and hushed we play" — that is soooo true!!! This is PRECISELY why I am totally LIVING IT LARGE in my current non-working (aka lazy) phase… whheeww!

  11. >There is a palatable sense to this, a breathing of the same air, a universality that we all share.Goes deep and makes one wonder what we do with our hours.Good one, Claudia.Lady Nyo

  12. >Is WOW! enough because that's all I got at the moment? Phenominal…really. I kept going…oh that's my favorite line on every. single. line. I'm a commuter in an unfulfilling job so this gets to me…but its is just a step in the right direction and I turn the radio up and sing on my way home.

  13. >"the sun – left years ago" this one line amazes me, so much in it. Claudia, you consistently awe.(Hope your business trip was a good one!)

  14. >And ocean yearning souls… what a beautiful line.. I could relate to this very much.. ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya

  15. >This I love"would scribble history if played high volume, same-time, open windowsbut this we never do"Amazing! I feel the concrete of the commute, the paths we take over and over. Glassy eyed and alone along side the lonely, never connecting along our journery Wonderful piece Claudia.