>burglars – a ballad

>tscha – boom – ba – beat the rhythm, drum
where do we go from here?
rough songs, wild winged winds set us free
and fade, raid, disappear

into the dark, the night, the slum
illusion crash, severe
and through the blurry fog i see
the burglars coming near

tscha – boom – ba – beat heat, off we run
and shout out brave and clear
this driving pace is you and me
and music’s all we hear

Today’s teaching at One Stop Poetry form is on ballads – jump over to read more or why not write a ballad and join us..?

a ballad’s structure is
8 – 6 – 8 – 6 syllables, written in iambic meter


14 responses to “>burglars – a ballad

  1. >I love the feel of this…and the idea of the burglars. I enjoyed this. I tried a ballad, and after posting, realized I was dyslexic with my syllables. I did 6-8-6-8, ooops 🙂

  2. >Really innovative Claudia. Your poems become more musical every week but nothing will displace that jazz poem for me. I've sent the link to everyone I know who loves music. You are a wondrous and thrilling poetess, my dear. Might shoot them this one too; very clever the way you change the form just a little.