standin’ in the kitchen,
coffee in hand and with the
dishwasher humming comes the sea,
a gentle breeze;
pizza rests, crumbling my view
and salt on my lips, i dive
the moment with
black coffee bitter on my tongue.

not that far from the ocean as
dreams of wet sand on my toes lull me
in and outside is winter waves,
dragging my footprints
to the deep, the base, the ground, the

well and the black where it all started;
your marks, etched on my skin like
sunburn. i finish coffee and smell
the salt, it tastes as –
i lick my lips and it’s 13:27, high time
– to leave

The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This wonderful prompt was shot by photographer Iquanyin Moon, featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday. Come check out some great shots & the interview by Chris Galford! 


31 responses to “>13:27

  1. >Oh Claudia, that time 13:27, how I hated it. You leaving. But maybe tomorrow…we do it again? I have still mountains of salt underneath my waves.Love,The SEA…and I am the FIRST today???Steve

  2. >Hi Claudia,Hmmm this poem is really tempting.I too had Pizza today.I 'm gonna to try my hand on this One stop poetry , though I'm not a poet just a moody .depends totally on mood.ThanksTake care.Vivek

  3. >Claudia,wow! not only did you craft a poem based upon one sense: vision….you captured the power of our senses, memory and experience within the piece. The smell of the ocean…the taste of the salt…the feel of sunburned skinvery stimulating and sensual…literally!

  4. >Reads like a vivid daydream that triggers the senses with sensory details both in immediate setting and within the projection. Awesome, Claudia1

  5. >The whole thought of dreaming while having a coffee. Or rather than just dreaming, letting your imagination/thoughts to linger in that salty experience of yours is awesome πŸ™‚ Nicely written.

  6. >Must you leave?…really? So earthy, descriptive as the impressions in the sand. So I sit and sip my non bitter coffee. Thanks for your comment on format change.

  7. >Wow, this is incredible. I could literally close my eyes and imagine the sea, the ocean, the tides, the pizza. Such a beautiful melding of reality and the sublime. I'm going to go read it again now.

  8. >"your marks, etched on my skin likesunburn."Now there's a spark. An image that sticks. It's all a very passionate piece, awash in imagery at points supple and smooth, others mundane, real, grounding – the pizza, for example. Intriguing piece that set me to sea-side visions and the power of sensory memory…we can see the daydream, and it is a lovely little vision you've painted for us here. So sad that it must end so soon! But the time comes, and all moves on…

  9. >With a memory so potent, it's a wonder the bitter coffee can be enjoyed! Now that I'm craving coffee and the beach…it's high time I left! Great write that speaks to the human in us all. The memories, associated with the everyday mundane, resulting in a fantastic take on a wonderful image prompt. Loved it much… πŸ™‚

  10. >Mmmmm… the coffee sounds great! Been there with the faraway look, creating in a still quiet moment… lost in the muffled sounds of life like the waves of the ocean…

  11. >You did it again, Claudia! You and your poem (once again) had me staring at my laptop screen in awe!!! I can soooo relate to this so-busy-thinking-that-I=forgot-about-the-time syndrome…. LOVE how you wrote it, my friend!! Wonderful as ever!!