>love force


                                                  red heat
                                                  in your voice
                                                  burns my lips,
                                                      makes magic spin
                                                      through my brain
                                                      when it stops
                                              dead and
                                              music falls
                                              silent like
                                                    we do when
                                                    you drink me
                                                    like wine
                                                    bent over
                                                    the well of
                                                   forever to be,
                                            soothe my flames
                                            with your tongue,
                                                   spread wings wide and
                                               from heaven we fall,

                                               cascading the night,
                                               the canvas we
                                               paint on with
                                                     bold strokes
                                                     soaking dry sheets
                                                     with slow dripping sweat
                                                     give up
                                                     fear and

photo credit for this amazing picture: Jonas Gerard
Jonas Gerard Fine Arts is a working studio/gallery located in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina. If you would like to see more of Gerard’s artwork or read more of his story please visit their website. 


15 responses to “>love force

  1. >Claudia, you must be in one hell of a relationship! Such hot poetry drips from your fingers onto your keyboard and from there we see the passion on our computer screens.

  2. >It is only when we give up fear and risk trust that seasons like these can occur. Trust fans those flames indeed. Brian, you crack me up…

  3. >Hi Claudia,This is a master peice really both painting and words have great. combo which complements each other..really you have a great poetic heart. A nice read.thankstake careKeep smiling 🙂

  4. >Wow! You are hot, girl, whether it's in real life, poetic fantasy, or BOTH! HOT!give up fear and"risk trust"or (trust risk???) maybe nearly same.GOOD piece of work.

  5. >Wowzer!You know I have a great appreciation for stuff like this.I've been quite busy and every time I return to your site I always wonder why I waited so long.Warm regards,Giovanni