>black socks

of a working week,
piled on
the bedroom floor
like artwork,
a tower of sweat,

profit or loss
& raw mornings,
scratching dark sky
growing moonwards

& somedays i dream
i’d buy the world
black wool
off-thread &

i unbalance my soul

& walk barefoot
for the rest of my days

give it a try and say it in 55 words.. i’m linking up with galen for 
g-man’s friday flash 55


18 responses to “>black socks

  1. >That's my mantra (no socks)- but I am fortunate to live where we can wear sandals every day of the year.Bare and pumiced ready for sand …Mooney smiles for my dear co-hort

  2. >That one really knocked my sock off…for me I prefer socks on, sweat or no…even last night after a day of being out in the snow I relished nice thick socks on me tired feet.

  3. >In warmer days socks get dusty in their basket home, but right now I cannot do without them. Bring on that sunshine so I can let my tootsies be free!

  4. >Lovely and lyrical! I could see the pile on my floor in the smoky dark! would love to be barefoot but it is tooo darn cold! Thanks.