>bob mintzer live last saturday


(John Riley – Drums; Bob Mintzer – Sax; 
Ingmar Heller – Bass; Olaf Polziehn – Piano)

not more than a drum beat away
they live and breathe
                jazz, dripping,
splashing across the room,
froth against closed eyes

lost in their play like children before
growing up-beat – off-beat
down – my spine – heat

yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s
just an empty date, they count –
strokes – a world in a wave
when we find wings again,
making love, fully clothed,
kissing steel strings in tender
moves, bent towards
ebony keys, caressing,
glissando – staccato – pearls and
strings of beads enticed out of
a black giant’s mouth

naked souls press hard against
shining brass and drumheads,
dragging us further – along
until we stop to breathe and
bleed, bleed rhythm and

music spills across
the room, soaking our souls
and every far-out corner and
we covet, we crave and beg

it to fuck us – hard and
tender and full, licked by a
groove-oozing madness
jammed against the wall – flying, flying
– until we’re empty.

this was my saturday evening – listening to those top notch musicians which were playing just next town to where i live…
and i link up with – woo-hoo – One Stop Poetry – write a poem, join us and meet some fantastic people over there. Sign up opens today at 5 pm EST

Due to some travelling I may be a bit delayed with commenting back…just to let you know..


51 responses to “>bob mintzer live last saturday

  1. >This is so FABULOUS I just posted it up on Facebook and will twitter it. Oh always wanted to "capture" jazz the way you have here, but this is so solid and right. GREAT GREAT GREAT the first stanza itself could stand alone as a GREAT POEM. I don't have to say I love it, but I do!GayMy very first poem was a tribute to Kenny Burrell. To say its name alongside this work is blasphemy.

  2. >This poem encompasses for me what's great about jazz…in uni we used to frequent jazz bars…was the music of making love…and you nailed this one 😉 Feeling pretty drunk on words right now

  3. >ok. gotta admit. I'm right there with willowwishfree; any poem with the word "fuck" in it gets my attentions quick lol but. you've caputred both the music and musician so well. it's why I love jazz as background to writing 🙂

  4. >Claudia,Live jazz joints cry out for a drink and a dream of loose living with a woman, perhaps as near as the parking lot, given what's been shook up inside by the loudness and the group 'dig'.Go. Just. Go, lady.Trulyfool(aka 'Daddy-O')

  5. >Claudia this is a powerful write expressing the melodic sensual undercurrents of jazz. The F-bomb puts the poem on a whole other level, capturing the essence of the experience.

  6. >This I MUST write: It is the most interesting, honest critique of a concert I have EVER read…and I have read a LOT of them!Sax HAS to be related to Sex…and the gift of love.

  7. >Mm, you're always at home in the jazzy pieces, Claudia. If it's melodic, you wind your way through it like the literary queen of the dance – with sensuality and poise, flowing out across your stage. Here, though, the "fuck" snapped me, I must say – I did not see it coming and the effect was very potent. Strong, vivid piece, stirred by what must have been an amazing show. Glad you enjoyed it – and I can say that greedily, because it brought to my and all of our eyes, this wonderful creation.

  8. >I am a musician and a poet so I've been on both ends to know itwhile you goovin" you're still takin' notes'bout how they move and swoon and croonand watchin' close what comin' down and goin' upThat whole scene so full and yet so scantyI'm worried for foolish girlswho get hot and lose their pantiesTiger Windwalker

  9. >Oh yea, baby!! I know exactly what you mean here… Cuz I experienced it at a Pink Floyd concert… well, at ALL Floyd concerts (okay, it wasn't jazz… but so what!)!! When the music gets to you, it just GETS to you, doesn't it?! Loved your shot, Claudia.. makes me wanna go listen to them play again!!! Your poem was just as pulsating as the strum of Roger Waters' guitar! :))

  10. >I married my sweet jazz musician when we were still very young (23) so I know in a visceral way exactly what you are expressing…I do…you've captured that OMG that riff, that chord that, pause and punch and groove just wrecked me feeling…that only the perfect combo of musicians can create.

  11. >Time for a cigarette…:)Seriously when music, just music, and no lyrics shake the soul…like good jazz words cannot describe…Than again maybe Claudia can descire it!

  12. >Excellent portrayal, I feel as if I had a seat back in the corner where I could take it all in uninterrupted! From sax to sex, you gotta love it! Beautifully done.

  13. >How passionately you love your music. Though it's supposed to soothe the savage soul, it can also excite the restricted body.I loved reading this.

  14. >Wow!! This has all the bells and whistles of excitement…and lust!Love this poem….it has so much going for it and it all works together so well."Was there" through your poem.Love it!Lady Nyo

  15. >Oh, you have described so well the effect music has on me 😉 Nothing like watching a good musician doing what he loves and does so well…..love this!

  16. >generally I'm not a fan of jazz, but I couldn't help but love this. The imagery really drew me in: over the top and exactly where it should be at the same time. Nice one shot.

  17. >Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.Love this whole piece — and wish I was there too!"yesterday's gone and tomorrow's just an empty date, they count – strokes – a world in a wave when we find wings again,"wow.

  18. >Dear ClaudiaAhh!! Raw and powerful portrayal of beauty that is within us trying to get out in some form of creativity. I enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.comTwitter: @VerseEveryDay

  19. >Claudia, a powerful piece this poem is. A great poem to tribute the musicality of a Jazz group. I love music as well, so you caught me in the very beginning. A beautiful portrayal, thank you for sharing.

  20. >Jazz and poetry somehow are soul-mates, don't you think? There's a fluidity to both that allows for endless invention, a sort of rollicking glissade down the the stream which winds from mind to heart to wetter ports further south. You do both justice here — and nailed it in the final stanza. Are we talking about poetry or jazz or sex? Exactly. – Brendan