>strawberry kiss


we throw

your lips taste

forever songs,
you promise ice cream
when winter comes

frosted with the flavor
of your kiss

Linking up with Monkey Man today (yes – i said it in 160 characters) and with the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt at One Stop Poetry. Jump over to read the interview with photographer Katherine Forbes who took this beautiful picture.

37 responses to “>strawberry kiss

  1. >"you promise ice creamwhen winter comes"Such a wonderful poem, Claudia! The above section prompts me to imagine a possible conversation (and a very interesting one). Your lines light up the senses in few words. Beautiful.

  2. >Oh how I used to love the flavored gloss! My young daughter bought "cupcake batter" the other day. I thought I would like it, but I guess it isn't the same once one hits 40+ years. πŸ™‚