your neck
got ya

(& how does love sound)

high pitched
hard riffed

with you
& us

filled up

(& what makes us move stressed)


(getting real – getting on)

all ways
with you
and us
drag me


a music prompt in 55 words..
i’m linking up with Galen for  g-man’s friday flash 55  and with
the One Stop Poetry music prompt – join us, write a poem inspired by the breath-taking guitar piece “Always with me, Always with you” by Joe Satriani


34 responses to “>sustained

  1. >I snap my fingers while old beatnik poets stand tall in their goatees and smocks. Ferlinghetti pursues Morticia Adams through the smoke of Gomez’ cigar. Paul Desmond composes Take Five alone in a corner tuning his lips on a bottle of bourbon. Dobie Gillis sits beneath The Thinker reciting Verlaine to Maynard G. Krebbs. Claudia onstage whispering a song called Ein treuer Husar. Ghosts of the Beat Generation return from their muddy trenches to perform. Somewhere out west, Kerouac is stranded in a Wyoming storm. Someone orders breakfast on Route 66. His Triumph motorcycle almost out of gas.

  2. >Now THIS is a 55 that I would love to hear you read!!But me reading it was very cool…Loved your 55 Claudia…Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  3. >Beautifully delivered in just 55 words. Boy do you rise to a challenge and meet it head on. With both the flash 55 and the music prompt in mind it turned out fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

  4. >"getting real-getting on"that line appeals to me in SO many different ways… and along with half of the others that commented… Yes, those last six lines are… *insert some sort of undefinable high praise here* … I don't quite have the words.

  5. >Hi! Claudia…Just like Brian's use of 55 words your use Of 55 words strike a beautiful chord too!By the way, I just visited One Stop Poetry and your 55 words (or poem) here compliment the video nicely too!Thanks, for sharing and I hope that you, and your readers, have a nice week-end too!DeeDee ;-D

  6. >This is a hard that is hard to beat. Excellent mirroring of the music with musical terms to produce a harmony of meaning. Lovely, Gay @beachanny (not too long now..woohoo!

  7. >Definitely had the feel of a musical session, controlled but soaring into all kinds of places as the feeling leads. Beautifully crafted, and, amazingly, in just 55 words.

  8. >LOVED this one, Claudia…. it actually felt like a song itself!! So rhythmic… wow!! I think I really NEED to take Music challenge now…. sounds absolutely interesting!

  9. >Have you heard ever of guy named Sigurd Rascher? A memory: The year, 1952, I was student that summer (8 weeks) at Transylvania Music Camp in Brevard, North Carolina. Sigurd was an "Artist in Residence that summer. he and I stood in a creek one afternoon, the coldest water running (babbling?), and we played duets, Saxophone and violin. I knew he was a good musician, but had no idea he was renowned around the world–as he WAS, at that time. We became friends. He died I believe in 2001, lived upstate New York. Beautiful Swedish wifeHope I didn't bore you–grin!