>glassy ground


i tumble drunken
amongst blue smoked clouds,
blurring heavens,
webs of heavy tangling wants
as you part – my lips, moist
with a sultry summer rain

(and the birds in my head
start to dance), sparkling tango
towards the black of your eyes,
entering – tight.
and dreamy, giggling fairies
tip-toe rainbow upwards,

slow spelled whispers
dripping raw,
silent moves,
hangin’ on to the wind in awe,
we’re emptying wells
of cloudy wetness,
lurch to nowhere – pulsing.

drums beat rhythms
out of breath – staccato
like hawks in the dawn,
you rise,
melt my screams, warm
with summer sun blues

and butterflies swarm,
scented with the mossy green
of deep, deep ponds.

i scratch damp skin,
clutching as we climb high
and sucking black currant lips
i sense the night come close.

viscous nocturns washin’ me silent,
you part – part my world,
swallowing shades which cry storm
as we crash to pieces
on glassy ground.

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56 responses to “>glassy ground

  1. >Now who's so passionate??? I believe you hit all the highs on this sensuous ride exploring all the beauty of it in Disney like colors. You had me at tangling wants. Well done, my dear. Gay @beachanny

  2. >Sexy, sensual, sensitive, sensational. I have so little formal education on poetry (just regular English classes), but I sense your work should be in anthologies, read by students learning about life and all its wonders.

  3. >Loved the birds beginning to dance, and all the wonderful images of the natural world merging in a very human intermingling, both lush and tense. Fine poem, Claudia.

  4. >Hosting another fabulous week Claudia – and good on you for it. And you're doing it up with your usual passion. Musical as ever, undertaken with underpinnings of sensuality and carnality, teasing at the core of your readers with keen sensory detail. And Jerry…well, Jerry certainly had the right of it. Lovely, Claudia.

  5. >Claudia, you passionate poetess, you. A trip through mossy ponds, black currants and storms, enjoyed the ending on glassy ground, smooth, safe again.

  6. >Passionate, yes. But transforming for the reader. I fell into your web…voice, words, pulse, and you stunned me at the end…I couldn't regain my feet!That is amazing poetry, Claudia~ It goes beyong a passionate poem to sublime.Lady Nyo

  7. >Caudia…….This..this is just fantastic! The words themselves are so captivating. I read a few times before I even noticed the "player" at the top of the post. It was truly an experience hearing you read. Amazing"sucking black currant lipsi sense the night come close" just left me empty…nothing but you words in my veins and this peice beneath my skin Thanks Claudia!

  8. >Aaaahh… hot stuff, Claudia!! So sensuous and beautiful! The words were a rapturous wonder! Made a timeless film play in the realms of my mind… Lovely!

  9. >Dear Claudia…What a passionate high you can create with words… ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.comTwitter @VerseEveryDay

  10. >This has a bluesy and tender feel all at once, Claudia– I really like:webs of heavy tangling wantsas you part – my lips, moist with a sultry summer rainoh those tangling wants– a beautiful impassioned image! thanks for your kind recent words on my one shots/shoots…xxxxj