>walking gray into crimson


i walk gray into crimson,
cold loneliness touches red sky
with bare feet,
i’ve lost and lost my dance shoes

somewhere on the way
of shouldn’t and wouldn’t,
hard plaster on naked souls.
will you paint the sky into

red dripping cherries or
wash my dreams – blue?
as i walk and i walk gray –
into crimson

this was written for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over 

at One Stop Poetry wanna join us..? 

photo credit: β€œKJ” Halliday


35 responses to “>walking gray into crimson

  1. >"cold loneliness touches red skywith bare feet," wow, talk about being disorientated. That line in particular expresses that lost feeling that perpetuates her walking and questioning search. Excellent use of color at the end. Powerful, especially the last stanza.

  2. >"Walking gray into crimson" love that line, Claudia. My first thought when I saw the photo was Stendhal's "the Red and the Black." Good poem.

  3. >I love your style, Claudia. Your word usage is intriguing.I hope you enjoy your cherry laden sky.the line that get me is 'hard plaster on naked soul'

  4. >The journey from gray to crimson seems like a daily event doesn't it? We do loose our dancing shoe quite often but they turn up eventually because we are not without hope.

  5. >You give a new twist to the old cliche "in living color" here. Love what you've done with the image, the movement and juxtapositions of the color-images. And thanks for your suggestions on my poem yesterday. Your remarks on being a musician add light to your written work.

  6. >of shouldn't and wouldn't, hard plaster on naked souls – these lines seem to reflect how being closed-minded or unwilling will harden our souls…very nice. btw, your poem is just about circular (first and last lines the same) – cool! πŸ™‚

  7. >I've lost my dance shoes.. love that line. It reminds me of being young and dancing every chance I got, but as the years go by, I've lost my dancing shoes.

  8. >Do you and Hedgewitch share a closet? (it's the red dancin shoes)I love the way you brought this around, and also the uncertain ending; it has yet to play out. Enjoyed this, Claudia!

  9. >Interesting piece. With your words you uniquely hit at some of the ambiguity and the rushing unknown of the picture – the image, in so many ways, is chaos, and I see that here in your writing as well. The changing imagery, the woman, wandering, lost–so like a dream, its bounds can carry us anywhere. Lovely work.

  10. >so very intense– reminds me a bit of my effort, that sense of needing to penetrate the color of the photo and derive more sensual imagery than color itself–xxxj

  11. >There's a lovely cadence in your lines, picked up with the refrain "i walk gray into crimson …. i walk and i walk gray into crimson". I also like how the line "will you … wash my dreams – blue?" can be read more than one way.

  12. >I love that you ended with 'crimson' as I did…something similar in our poems…I like how you continued with the gray as well…pretty shocking contrast of colors…beautiful and wistful:)