>a grass green moment


i need a rest,

a grass green moment
in a purple dress

a heart to beat against mine
da – dumm – da – dumm

a veil of pollen spread on my eyes
and lightblue tunes
singing soft songs

breathing against my breast 
netting my lips with moist
morning dew,  e r u p t i n g

when our tongues start to dance

yeah – try and say it in 55 words.. i’m linking up with galen for g-man’s friday flash 55 

(..and in case you care for a read, click the above player)

36 responses to “>a grass green moment

  1. >Iabsolutely love flamenco, though never did I think of tongues dancing to this passionate tune. Leave it to you to come up with such images. Ole!

  2. >how that is a dance…splendid longing here…bkmClaudia..the header picture is not me – dustus posted the real pic of me when I was featured at One Shot a couple of months ago….bkm

  3. >Your beautiful voice added VOLUMES to the powerful meaning of your 55!Claudia…This was fantastic!Thank you for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End….G

  4. >Love the use of lyrical verse, and dance — the flamenco has a strong passionate staccato beat,,, interesting…hot & passionate.cheers,joanny

  5. >A 55 word cameo of passion, full of lilting rhythms, soft colors and airy images–and it's even better when you read it. Liked it very much, Claudia.

  6. >This is excellent, I could feel myself tapping out a rhythm as I read it, getting faster and faster, like a real flamenco crescendo. Really enjoyed, thank you for sharing. And amazing use of the erupting text increase btw!

  7. >Ooooooooohhh… deliciously dreamy and calm… and soooo romantic!"a veil of pollen spread on my eyes" — LOVED that imagery! I only hope you are not affected by some allergens 😉 Take care, my sweet friend..