(want me to read it to you..?)

it’s a bit like looking at a blue world,
reflecting in christmas tree balls when
small candles lost sparkling illusiveness

or like never really wanting to live –
breathless, having hopes pegged out like
washing in warm summer sun and

cherry blossoms falling silently like
snow, like snowing, snowing us in. me
blowing the wrong blues cause i forgot

the scales and the reed gets weak
and you, painting the sky indigo with
hands, reaching for discarded stars

when meteoroids fall with us, splashing
colors, fat and yellow as lemons under
brazilian sun and juices, juices dripping

from evergreen trees and get lost on dry
ground – like we lost – and we lost – so much.
i dig earth, typing records of crusted pieces of

where, when and how it began, spread on
blankets under vast skies, add figures, tags,
dust ’em with a dash of daisy seeds –

and wait.

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69 responses to “>archaeological

  1. >Wonderful Claudia, when meteroids fall with us, splashing colors, fat and yellow….brazilian sun and juices…love all the colors, blue – indigo, cherry…like an abstract painting that begs another look…thank you…for sharing..bkm

  2. >Archaeological is an appropriate title for this poem. It is difficult to deconstruct the past; to re-acquaint oneself with the where, when, and how. You have used some unique images to show the process. Adding that dash of daisy seeds might help answer the why. Just a note, daisy seeds are easy to germinate but not very viable once they do.

  3. >claudia this is so beautiful. I can so clearly see the images you paint with words. I feel privileged to read your poetry… and a little intimidated too.

  4. >I love that you read to us now. Your work is excellent for performance and I would seriously pay to come and hear you read.Great work on the poem by the way. Perfect for this week's One Shot Wednesday πŸ˜€

  5. >Another exceptionally fine poem full of piercing images and phrases that beg to be said out loud, the entire archaeological metaphor itself is golden. "blowing the wrong blues cause i forgot/the scales and the reed gets weak/and you, painting the sky indigo withhands…" your voice is just magic with these lines.

  6. >I read this twice yesterday and listened to you read it. Now I read again and other's comments and I reach inside to say something more meaningful but why explicate what unfolds in a panoply of images and colors. Yes, this like all your work, dazzles. Gay @beachanny

  7. >Holey moley, this one's like a carnival ride; first this way, then whoosh! over here, then sharp turn to the right, then dowwwwwwwwwwwn. I'm dizzy!PS–I liked the lemons.

  8. >wholly smokes! I could listen to your voice all day! your poetry is so deep but your voice adds so much more richness to it. deep rich full bodied red wine with a hint of satiny dark chocolate. What a pleasure!thank youbeautifully done, Claudia!

  9. >Wow Claudia. I was moved by your poem. The repetitive portions of the poem only served to make a strong point even stronger. You truly, beautifully expressed the wonder of archeologists and their works. Thank you for sharing!

  10. >Oh that is so my mood lately with all this snow….I wait, wait desperately for spring!Beautiful poem as always πŸ™‚

  11. >STRIKING Claudia πŸ™‚ you managed your images poignantly,so intense and filled with great spots. i am enjoying this feeling and stillness just melting in the lines SUPERB Piece πŸ™‚

  12. >Girl, after reading this poem, I am officially IN LOVE with your poetry!! The images you create with your words are simply mindblowing!!! "meteoroids fall with us, splashingcolors, fat and yellow as lemons under Brazilian sun and juices" — these lines made my eyes shine, and had me licking my lips unconsciously… absolutely beautiful!!! A very happy birthday to you, my dear sweet Claudia!! Have an awesome day, full of cosmic wonder!! :))xoxox

  13. >Claudia,Oh, oh, oh…every time I stop by your writing is richer and deeper…You ARE such a gift. I feel so blessed to have found your words. I love too that you are doing readings now.

  14. >Absolutely Universal poem….incredible depth and range and imagery! Oh God, Claudia…this is tops in my book.I can't think of a poem that propels me into such an internal environment…and all for the good.Magnificent piece of work!Lady Nyo

  15. >Vivid words, vivid colors…I love the "splashing colors, fat and yellow as lemons underbrazilian sun"You write with such precision…beautiful

  16. >LOVE this poem and I adore the included file of you reading your work! I've given thought to doing it and after hearing yours I think I may have to because wow. It was incredible to get to hear you read the work. Great work! Vivd, images. The colors are haunting and beautiful!

  17. >Strength in this piece Claudia. some are whimsical this one is written in bedrock even with the stars and meteoroids falling.Also want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!to YouSomeday our team will celebrate together.Moonie hugs

  18. >Absolutely delicious imagery. Vivid and vibrant and altogether celestially invigorating – flows in and out and on with such grace. You leave me wanting more every time.And on a personal note: Happy Birthday to you! I know I've said this just about everywhere else – but I've got to get it out. Heh. Hope it's a good one!

  19. >So absolutely beautiful a write, and love your reading voice! Fantastic!!!And also just made my way to sweet Leslie's announcement, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it bringsw much a beautiful day in smiles!!

  20. >a perfect title and a lovely verse, spilling daisy seeds,,, and a very Happy Birthday, with the promise of a creative year in your garden bed.warm wishes,joanny

  21. >having hopes pegged out likewashing in warm summer sun andcherry blossoms falling silently likesnow, like snowing, snowing us in – You really are blazin' words and drinkin' poetry…fabulous write. LOVE the imagery and intent in this one.