>where we crumble


we dip, dip
christmas cookies
into sweet hot

chocolate and
your eyes have
the same brown.

chatting pebbles
and gems, watchin’
sixteen years

sail small like
drifting crumbs,
sinking slowly

to where we are,
and i hold your
smile, sending

chocolate puffs
wrapping your heart
while you talk

and we dip, dip,
mother & daughter,
tiny, precious

new years crumbs
into steaming

..just a lovely mother & daughter moment with my youngest one..and i’m linking up with
One Stop Poetry.  join us and share your new years moments, pics, poetry..


33 responses to “>where we crumble

  1. >Hi! Claudia…Happy New Year!Your words as always are very enduring and very reflective too!I hope that you, your family, friends, and readers, have a very pleasant, very safe, and very prosperous New Year too![Postscript: I really like the colour (Of your daughter scarf) mixed with the black and white photography of your very lovely daughter picture.]Thanks, for sharing this first day Of the…New Year! post too!DeeDee ;-D

  2. >It's a good life. Keep holding on to all of your children as long as you can. RE:There is no other city on earth like the one I live in and call home. There is nothing to romanticize about this place, it is brutal, it is grit and it is killing itself. And it is my home.

  3. >Oh Claudia, this is real Love-of a moment so magical between a daughter and a lovely mum (for that you surely are!)I just loved every single line of this so sweet, sweet poemCheers, my dear!:)dulce

  4. >What a sweet, poignant picture perfect moment you have painted!Happy New Year Claudia! I am so glad to have encountered you on this journey and happy to find you here in 2011!I left a tribute for you on my Looking Back Part 2 post — you are awesome!

  5. >How very sweet, Claudia. You've captured that moment of closeness with your own blood and flesh – it is like no other. Happy New Year greetings to everyone at home!

  6. >when I first saw the photo i thought 'oh, that must be a photo of you when you were younger' πŸ™‚ what a beautiful daughter and the photo is awesome.your poetry is perfect. moments with our daughters can be as smooth as silk. Savoring every moment spent with each other like the sweetness of a delicious chocolate puff.love it Claudia!beautiful!