>tonight we dance,
dance the year

like firework
like moonwalker
like emulsion

neglect where we come from,
forget where we go

hang on to the stars with
odd smiles; silent orbits
washing down,

rubbing eternity with
skinned elbows, emptying

all our pockets
to be filled, filled again
once we land or choose, drifting

                      in space..

what can you say in 55 words? i’m linking up with g-man’s friday flash 55

Wishing you all a fantastic start into 2011!


33 responses to “>silvester

  1. >Love the skinned elbows, Claudia. This made me think of how time can seem suspended – even just for a bit…especially on the cusp of a new year…

  2. >i like…'neglect where we come from, forget where we go'ah, yes…lost in eternity with the one you love.great piece, Claudia!Happy New Year!all the best to you and yours

  3. >Happy New Year!!New Year's 2011 Fireworks Celebrations Around the Worldhttp://fireworks2011.blogspot.com/Demo on YouTubehttp://youtu.be/FB7Wr_tfkFMhttp://youtu.be/QlQ3b0TfiFMhttp://youtu.be/sDlFKY8JdEU

  4. >Good 55! I'd love to dance in the new year but nobody dances anymore. The only thing on tap is euchre. I do have a bottle of champagne chilling. By the way, I love, "get a prose fire burning".

  5. >Hope the dances is a good one…it certainly sounds magical.Thank you for all the beautiful work you've brought to the community, Claudia; thanks for sharing your wonderful writing this past year. It's been a real pleasure knowing and working with you – I look forward to seeing what you bring forth in 2011!

  6. >What a wonderful image – rubbing eternity with skinned elbows – such a perfect phrase, it could become a cliche, adopted by those that wished they were so word-blazing. But I hope it doesn't. This is one poem I want to drink in little sweet sips like the champaign of New Year celebrations.Thank you so much Claudia for a year of inspiring writing. I'm so grateful I found your blog.

  7. >Skinned elbows! Now THAT I can feel Immediately upon reading…and tomorrow, do not pull on the scab!Your thoughts and words are always fresh–and NOW!A way to start the year!

  8. >Suspended in possibilities! Perfect poem to start the New Year!I'm sorry I am late. Happy New Year to you and yours! May the most you want be the least you get and may the happiest days of the past be the saddest days of your future.