>..and i write brown to stay earthed


want me to read it to you?

suddenly i can’t
see the world any more, letters
pile up like a storm surge,
pressing hard

against the walls
of my heart, shouting
for release, colored
black, blue, red, green, pink and i

write brown to stay earthed, watch the ink
drip, flow, emerge, forming streams,
puddles, rows and the birds in
my head start humming, all drunken and

easy feathers, wings against my brain,
long to fly, surf, conquer
vast skies and i open, open
doors, bind letters to balloons

with purple thread and watch
’em leave, yearning to join
and drift, attaching, hoping, longing
and kissing, loving, i bond,

release, let go while brown ink
keeps flooding
my fingers, desk, heart and touching
the wind, words fall back, bouncing,

tumbling, pulsating and i
net ’em like insects, pinning them
to white sheets with tears full
of salty deserts cause i know, i know

they carry the scent of rough winds
and blue skies, of thunderstorms and
untamed wildness, of bird’s croaks and
lover’s cries, of hoping & losing like

a hero and dancing like a child
behind a plain & unimpressive
brown-inked veil.

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54 responses to “>..and i write brown to stay earthed

  1. >Wonderful poetry…"write brown to stay earthed, watch the inkdrip, flow, emerge, forming streams,puddles, rows and the birds inmy head start humming, all drunken"Love these lines.. 🙂

  2. >oh that was so beautiful… you write as a poet and your voice is that of a sweet poetess.really loved this one shot,dear claudiathanks!

  3. >I find your writing to be so evocative…emotional…heady. Your reading, your voice, captures the drippy flow of your words with perfection. I found this one to be extraordinarily beautiful, Claudia….~shell

  4. >Claudia…I don't know what to say…it grabbed me by the ears and I felt flying with your tethered birds/words.A lovely, evocative poem that haunts still.Lady Nyo…damn, you just can't write a bad poem!

  5. >Let me rest my head in your lapStroke my brow soft and sing that songLet me slip into peaceOr let me know when you release your first CD..smiles…

  6. >Brilliant use of colour in this poem and a lovely homage to the power of language. Particularly enjoyed this verse:"they carry the scent of rough windsand blue skies, of thunderstorms anduntamed wildness, of bird's croaks andlover's cries, of hoping & losing like"

  7. >Wow Claudia, I barely took a breath reading this, it felt like one complete thought. So beautifully written. Fantastic use of colour within the piece. I so enjoyed hearing you read the piece as well, it's wonderful to hear the little nuances in a piece that only the author can give it.

  8. >What a beautifully flowing cascade, everything playing together, just lovely poetry. Loved the birds, "all drunken and/easy feathers…" and the message of all that riot in us and the world we try so hard to put into brown sober ink.

  9. >Wow Claudia I am stunned by the visuals you presented. It flowed so well, just like the ink you used. Fantastic write and I am glad that you shared.

  10. >one of my favorite poems of yours. Funny that I just had my husband listen to your last recorded poetry reading, I would write you a long song moon, right before I went to check out your One Shot this week. I said, "Oh she's reading another one!" He kind of rolled his eyes at my excitement. I like the visual of the letters floating in the air and you "net 'em like insects pinning them to white sheets"Top notch imagery. Truly enjoyed it. Thanks.Sheila

  11. >This has a wonderful flow – There is no stopping. My eyes were engaged the entire time, and I could not but have hope with this: "hoping & losing like / a hero and dancing like a child"

  12. >"i net 'em like insects, pinning themto white sheets with tears fullof salty deserts"So many amazing images, but I really love this one– it caused me to feel the difficulty of trying to capture the perfect words as they're trying to fly away. I love the title, too.

  13. >Mm, now here's one I could just lay back, close my eyes, and sink down into. Delightful and beautiful, with a potency rising through the striking color play and imagery in general, it just keeps on flowing out to beautiful visuals and words. Wonderful work Claudia!

  14. >So beautiful. The poem is like a long, yearning sigh that comes from deep within. I love that you write brown to stay earthy. You paint the earth in lovely colors.

  15. >Wow Claudia! Love this, as I too was hung on words & ink this week with a tough time posting for OneShot this week (emotions) ~ Maybe I need to write in "brown to stay earthed" ~This is awesome! Thank you, I think I really needed this one this week the way things have been! Amazing writing! ~April

  16. >Never would I begin to compete with the well-deserved accolades you are receiving here. Only can I say I LOVED IT, and your voice I LOVED THAT ALSO!Claudia, you not only contribute to the blog world, but your words enhance qualities of the WHOLE worldPEACE!

  17. >gosh… such colorful imagery.. i envy you, Claudia.. you really have a beautiful way with words!! Happy New Year, my dear…May the ink keep flowing… and may you always keep writing lovely poetry!!! xoxoxo

  18. >can i just say that the energy i get is you are truly emerging as an artist. i haven't known you for long, so forgive me if you believe you emerged a year ago or years ago. maybe you think like me and that artists are constantly emerging. but it feels like you are emerging in a major way here. fun for those of us witnessing.thank you for asking me to write a poem. i haven't been able to do any writing while i'm finishing getting my latest book self published, which appears to be finally done. (but i've said that before:) looking forward to writing a little in the new year.

  19. >beautiful Claudia the "rough winds" you can feel them throughout the piece looking for grounding which you did so well writing in brown…lovely….Happy New Year….bkm

  20. >Wow! Your voice alone should win a pulitzer. As for the poem, much in the tradition of the German romantics. When I read them, I always get the feeling of alpine forests, green and snow. And somewhere in the background Wagner ready to spill out his guts in an avalanche. And then there's the veil; the thin sheet that separates, the Kantian telos,that must separate the artist from her work.

  21. >WHY THE ROSES ARE SO PALEby: Heinrich Heine (1799-1856)DEAREST, canst thou tell me why The rose should be so pale? And why the azure violet Should wither in the vale? And why the lark should in the cloud So sorrowfully sing? And why from loveliest balsam-buds A scent of death should spring? And why the sun upon the mead So chillingly should frown? And why the earth should, like a grave, Be moldering and brown? I LIKE YOURS BETTER 🙂