>kissing her silent – a shadorma


 Photo credit: Adam Dustus – scene is part of Rockefeller Center, NYC
trumpets blow
flow low, echo wide
marching tight
and he longs
through the ever asking night
to kiss her silent

The Shadorma is a spanish poem form with six lines with a syllable pattern of 3/5/3/3/7/5 
this was written for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over 

at One Stop Poetry wanna join us..? 

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22 responses to “>kissing her silent – a shadorma

  1. >It's lovely, Claudia. There is a kind of yearning about the photo – something hoped for but not realized — like to be kissed silent.

  2. >Excellent internal rhythm and rhyme, Claudia. The beginning has a rapid musical cadence that smooths out into the 7 syllable line. And "To kiss her silent" is an amazing line——romantic with a side of humor, and nervous talking perhaps. Beautiful poem in a very interesting form.

  3. >Claudia,Very neatly done. I like this one quite a bit.The form may be something I'll try — it's very tight and demands real conciseness.Trulyfool

  4. >So tender… "and he longsthrough the ever asking nightto kiss her silent"I love it! Thanks for share it and tough me about what is The Shadorma.