>lost coins

>maybe it’s a bit like
losing coins
on the sidewalk, they

slipped through a hole in
your pocket – unnoticed,
melting into powdery snow

like little sailors, falling
noiseless and no one collects
’em & who cares anyway? you

think you’ll miss them? well, it
may be a bit late. so you search
your pockets for close rattling metal

& what you find is the warmth of
your skin  and snowy air and you
feel a bit sad – or more – lost? hands

in your pocket, you look back
a long way, searching the snow
and wonder if it’s them that
got drowned or – was it you..


6 responses to “>lost coins

  1. >those things that are precious. Lost coins.Lost self.sometimes we look back and settle.sometimes we look backand see what needn't be picked up again.Our hands come out of our pockets as we looks toward more possibilities.