>i meet you during lunch-break promenades
you walk your black dog along snowy fields, you’re
blind and I stop singing silent songs for fear

my voice would give away what’s deeply hidden,
well concealed. you’ll hear my steps, deflowering
earthy ground and somehow, as we pass, i

feel like empty jars, all fragile, nude with heavy
drops of red wine stealing, running, trickling
down curved glasses, mingled joy with sticky lip gloss

love-mad saliva – deposits and relics, smelling
of a time before fierce droughts would hit my land, when
i got drunk on lovers juices, inhaling tears,

afraid my voice, my breath, the way i step on
snowy ground would soon reveal what was forgotten and
untouched, invisible. and you may hear & feel & sense

the shadows of my soul like blurred past dirty mirrors  
fleeting crash-ice towards spring-bound hopes,
all broken, scattered flowerseeds, entwined & caught

in barren branches, buried, drowned in endless darkened
aisles and winding up and down my veins – cardiologic
beating, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing as you pass

(and from your smile i know you saw me..)

this is my entry for One Shot Wednesday over at  One Stop Poetry – join us, write a poem or just jump over to read others. Sign up opens today at 12 noon EST – a bit earlier than usual because of the holidays and because it’s the last One Shot to link up your poem for the One Stop Anthology – a collection of “Best of One Shot – the first six months”, published under Limited Editions Press


62 responses to “>cardiologic

  1. >smiles…i have always thought about those with disabilities and how it enhances their other senses…we had a blind man that tuned our piano by touch…and i imagine this one sees a lot more than you think…

  2. >Probably it's due to my poor command of english while Im trying to understand this poem. However, I can feel that it's a beautifully written poem. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Claudia!

  3. >WOW..i love this Claudia!!the last line is brilliant ,the whole structure is a real beauty.yes,i know he saw you,they see with their hearts and souls more then million eyes would see..:)lovely one shot dear!

  4. >Lovely piece Claudia. All the scattery fragments and combination words worked really well, and your point was enhanced rather than derailed by jumping from one sensual image to another. Enjoyed it.

  5. >beautiful poem – great feeling 'I feel like empty jars' – and great contrast with the black dog in the snow. your really talented 🙂

  6. >Sensual bordering on sexual. Every little detail remembered, liked the play you had with the word "nude" although laden with red wine stains.Clever love poem Claudia

  7. >I love poems, which take me on an emotion ride, and you’ve accomplished just that… Additionally, I loved this line “feel like empty jars” this was such a visual and powerful statement for me. Wonderful poem. Cheers, David

  8. >my favorite stanza is the third, the empty jars ……vivid write of how a heart reacts when a certain person is near…it truly is an amazing feeling and you give life to it in this poem Claudia…beautiful…bkm

  9. >Strong piece for the senses, rich in detail and image. You paint for us a vivid scene, through potent, structured lines. Delightful piece with a pleasing end note.Happy One Shot, Claudia!

  10. >wow Claudia I'm really liking what you're selling, more and more. Are we bending you? mwahahahahaa! But seriously, there is some gold here. Perhaps a little that could be trimmed, but quality poetry, yes ma'am. Love the ruffled tercet structure with enjambment over stanza-breaks (a fave of mine)… but the imagery is strong and captivating. The black dog on snowy fields… just a few well-chosen words and suddenly it's a powerful image, no over-use of adjectives etc. 'love-mad saliva' – great way to get the word 'love' in there in a refreshing way, no cliche (haha our group joke now). really like it

  11. >"…and the blind shall see, and the fearful gain confidence, and the two shall meet, greet…and eat lunch together, while crunching snow in the same rhythm."

  12. >My father, deaf-blind, happiest man I ever met, well-read, college grad (Xavier University) manager of dairy farm, leader of sightless community, surrounded constantly by swarms of loving children, story teller extraordinaire, always smiling, always humming to himself, when not telling his own spun tales. Just had to write this. CLAUDIA! Great insight you have, to realize that he 'knew' you were there all along, and 'knew' more than that!!!

  13. >This is so rich, so heartbreakingly jumbled with so much heartfelt imagery, I can't pick a part that I like more than the others, because they are all combined in a stream of consciousness to me. A beautiful field of sensations, and complex, many layered…I love the poem, though I had to read it twice and then again…carefully.Thank you, Claudia …for such a piece of poetry. It sticks to the heart and gut.Lady Nyo

  14. >Fantastic imagery throughout this piece Claudia, I particularly liked 'i feel like empty jars, all fragile, nude with heavy drops of red wine stealing, running, trickling down curved glasses.' Beautiful piece of poetry.

  15. >Lovely poem, I have a friend who is blind. So often when we are out and around, she laughs and makes fun of me saying, "I think the blind is leading the blind". I forget she's blind, and stand around while she does so many things I could help her with, but that's the way she likes it. She doesn't want anyones pity, she is very independent, and happy. I sometimes think that people watching us, wonder what is wrong with me, for not helping her. But, like I said I forget she is blind, and treat her like the rest of us who can see.

  16. >Wow, great entry!! Love-mad saliva – deposits and relics, smelling of a time before fierce droughts would hit my land, wheni got drunk on lovers juices, inhaling tears,Beautiful words!

  17. >Wow, "you may hear & feel & sense…the shadows of my soul" these words beat in rhythms to the heart in such a wonderful manner as the words placed. Amazing Claudia! ~ 🙂 April

  18. >The way you convey the emotions and senses in this poem really pulls the reader in. Really romantic, and I can feel a hint of shyness… I like it! Thank you for your kind comments as well – it is a pleasure to meet you too =)

  19. >Ooohh… felt this one, Claudia..So dreamy and romantic! One doesn't always need eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel, nose to smell the essence of love.. What a delightful read this was!!

  20. >Claudia I really enjoyed reading this poem. How beautifully written, the fear of discovery. The knowing smile at the end. The acceptance of a beautiful but wary soul. Great One Shot entry and one of my favorites.