>the arrow shot


photo credit: Claudio Mufarrege – jump over to  
One Stop poetry to learn more about him and his photography

she’s not the kind of girl you meet
flamenco-dancing in the streets,
chasing her yellow laughter like
a boy would catch butterflies. she’s

more the “trying to hunt down my
doubt with bow and arrow” kind,
shot in darkened corridors. and by
the time, she has decided on her way,

she would cob-web her face as with
perfume clouds. and through the
clocks, you painted on rough walls,
when time stood still, she fell

this was written for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over 
at One Stop Poetry wanna join us..?


33 responses to “>the arrow shot

  1. >Absolutely love the first stanza which leads me into wondering why she decided to go in the second stanza. I think @repressedsoul made an astute observation regarding Artemis. Seems a great deal is also said between the lines. Great response to the challenge!

  2. >Interesting poem on many levels — have to agree with all the above about a modern day Artemis, funny how we both employed Flamenco dancer's in our poems today.Nice use of descriptive.cheers,joanny

  3. >I too love this poem — and agree with what everyone said.there is something haunting — about the photo and the way she flows through your words, as if carrying her forward into the shadows.Beautiful!

  4. >Loved the mystery, the questions with unknown answers in this, and the contrast of light and dark. Original and effective, as always, Claudia–a pleasure to read your work.

  5. >Claudia, where she floats (with clouded face!) is in the corridors of the photo on my blog…Bedlam. You are a power writer extraordinaireShooting with bow-and-arrow on "One-Shoot-Sunday"…..GREAT!

  6. >Claudia, I'm so sorry to have been away for a while. I am always enthralled by your poetry; I don't know jack about poetry criticism, but I can tell you that I don't read a lot of poetry and always go back to the same classic writers, but I LOVE your words.xo Erin

  7. >Sounds like quite an interesting girl – the huntress. I can see where others are gathering their Artemis visuals from but I will suffice to say – intriguing take, great visuals to come along with it. Unique and fiery.

  8. >Hi! Claudia…I just send this post over to Facebook and Twitter with these words…What on your mind?Your words(poetry) and this very "noirish," beautiful photograph by Claudio Mufarrege too!By the way,Thanks, for the link and sharing!Claudia, Happy Holiday Season! to you, and your family.DeeDee ;-D